HTC One Screen Replacement: Professional Service or Time to DIY?

broken HTC One screenIf you find yourself in dire need of HTC One screen replacement due to an unfortunate accident, don’t despair. The HTC One series has offered top-tier smartphone models for the past several years. The most notably breakable of the series are the HTC One X and HTC One M7 models of 2012 and 2013. Why? It has a lot to do with the delicacy of new touchscreen technology.

HTC One M7 Screen Replacement

With each new version of HTC One, there are new improvements. The HTC One M7 screen replacement is more common than other versions from the past two years such as the more current M8. Even though the screen is a smaller 4.7 inches (compared to the M8’s 5 inches), it is designed with the Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Whereas, M8 relies on the stronger Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

It’s always good to remember that smartphones are essentially small computers. As new technologies arise, they may become tougher. But there will always be delicate parts, and the screen glass is one of the most delicate of all, primarily because it’s external and cannot absorb shock as well as other materials. Keep your phone safer with a case or glass cover. And if you find yourself still in need to repair or replace your HTC One screen, several options are outlined below:

HTC One M7 Screen Replacement Cost

The price will vary based on which HTC One repair service you choose. There are several third party repair stores such as RadioShack which offer a mail-in kit for repairs that starts at $59. Or, for a faster repair, you may opt for CPR which will give you a repair estimate up front. The benefit of an in-store option is not only speed, but also because the experienced technicians may find other damages (both internal and external) that need to be fixed. Self-repair is the riskiest but least expensive option, with a repair kit cost of around $30 online that comes with an HTC One repair tool.

How to replace HTC One screen

HTC One Screen Replacement Services:

RadioShack Service

If you do not mind waiting a few days for HTC One cracked glass repair, RadioShack stores sell a mail-in kit. Simply fill out a form, send in your device, and it will be returned to you like new within 72 hours (with the express service option).

CPR Cell Phone Repair Service

If you are out of warranty with your service provider and don’t like the idea of a long wait, another low-cost HTC One screen repair option may be to get quality service from Cell Phone Repair. CPR offers same day repair and replacement, not to mention a limited lifetime warranty on labor and parts.

If replacing your HTC One screen seems too costly or not right for you, Cell Phone Repair also allows you the opportunity to sell or trade in your device for a newer version. For instance, you could put the money from an HTC One M7 with cracked glass toward a fully functioning HTC One M8! With a larger screen, an upgrade to Android Kit Kat, a higher resolution, and many other bonus features, you’ll forget you ever broke your smartphone screen!

How to Replace HTC One Cracked Screen (A DIY Guide)

There are many HTC One screen repair self-help videos on the web that you can follow, such as this video here below:

These guides may make the repair look simple, but remember that any direct tampering with a device will void existing warranties and could end up damaging your phone further. With that in mind, here’s our step-by-step DIY guide on how to replace HTC One cracked screen (the X model):

  1. Power off your device. Remove anything external such as a SIM card.
  2. If your screen is shattered or cracked, you may want to layer packing tape over the screen to keep it from breaking further or becoming a safety hazard during removal.
  3. Carefully separate the front screen from the device housing, utilizing a plastic HTC One screen repair tool on the top or bottom of the phone. Some guides use a guitar pick, but any flat plastic pry tool can be used.
  4. Work your way around the phone, prying along each side until the front glass is completely separated from the housing. As you do so, the battery may adhere to the housing. Gently pry it away from the housing to keep it connected to the front glass face.
  5. Pay close attention to any pieces that may be loose, such as power or volume buttons. Keep them in a safe place for reconstruction later.
  6. Locate two yellow colored cables and detach each. The one on the right side is the digitizer cable.
  7. Disengage the gold toned power flex on the top of the device, but do not attempt to completely remove.
  8. Remove the six outer edge screws (two on the left, one in the middle at the top, and three on the right).
  9. Gently remove the LCD flex digitizer and touchscreen cables from their connectors on the right side of the phone.
  10. At this point, your board and battery should come free of the front housing. Set it aside.
  11. Warm the edges of the front housing with a blow dryer or heat gun on low heat to loosen the adhesive holding the glass screen in place.
  12. Follow up with a pry tool to safely pry the glass free from the front housing.
  13. Replace the old glass with a new glass screen, applying thin adhesive strips to keep it secure in the front housing.
  14. Follow the directions in reverse order to reassemble your repaired device. If your screen will not power on, double check that the LCD cable has been securely locked down into the jawbone connector.

No matter which version of HTC One is in your pocket, there’s a chance for an accident that results in a cracked HTC One Screen. While it’s recommended to have qualified technicians fix the problem, the decision is up to you!

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