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Samsung Galaxy S6

The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 was released in April of 2015. The Galaxy S6’s design is sleek and modern with a 5.1-inch HD Super AMOLED display, a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 screen, matte aluminum alloy body, and a curved screen. Improved camera quality, HD Voice/Video Calls, and enhanced charging features make the Samsung S6 a desirable device for Samsung fans everywhere. If Samsung Galaxy S6 problems such as water damage, a cracked screen, damaged battery, or another issue, are putting a damper on your productivity, trust the experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair. View CPR Cell Phone Repair’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Do-It-Yourself Repair Guides for step-by-step instructions to fix your beloved device.
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement Guide

Shattering a phone screen can be stressful and leave you unsure of what to do next. To help make your decision process a bit easier, we’ve done the research for you on how you can go about repairing your phone. Follow these guidelines for your options when tackling a Samsung Galaxy S6 screen replacement.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement Cost

The cost of a Samsung Galaxy S6 screen replacement will vary depending on which repair service you choose. The cost will also depend on how badly damaged your phone is, and whether or not your phone is protected under warranty. To help you choose a repair option, consider the costs of the following vendors.

Official Samsung Service

Samsung provides all of its customers with a standard one-year warranty upon the purchase of their phone. If you’re still within your first year of ownership, the Galaxy S6 screen replacement is free. However, this free repair is only covered once per Samsung’s allowance of one instance of accidental damage.

If your phone is no longer under Samsung’s warranty, the cost will depend on how badly damaged your phone is. The baseline cost for an S6 LCD repair is around $199 plus shipping costs when sent to an official Samsung service center.

Genius Phone Repair

Taking your phone to a third party vendor will almost always be cheaper than Samsung. Genius Phone Repair offers a lower price than Samsung, but not by much. A Galaxy S6 screen repair from Genius Phone Repair costs $184.00. However, if your touchscreen is not working as well (meaning your LCD is damaged), then the repair price jumps to $224.99. This option may be faster than an official Samsung repair, but the convenience will cost you in the long run.

CPR Cell Phone Repair Service

CPR services are always fast and affordable. To make the process more transparent, we offer free estimates on the damage before we even begin to work on your phone! We offer walk-ins at all of our locations, meaning your Galaxy S6 screen replacement could be completed within one business day. If walk-ins don’t work for your schedule, we offer mail-in repair services as well. All of our repairs include a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your phone is always in good hands.

How to Replace Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen – DIY Guide

One last option for your Galaxy S6 screen repair is to replace it yourself. Before you begin your repair, please note that working on your device will terminate your existing warranty under Samsung. If you still wish to perform the replacement yourself, follow CPR’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Repair DIY Guide here:

  1. Turn your phone off.
  2. If the glass screen is shattered, apply a layer of packing tape to keep the glass from deteriorating further.
  3. Insert and press your eject tool into the SIM card try button and remove your SIM card. If you don’t have an eject tool, a paperclip will work fine.
  4. Place your phone face down and evenly apply heat with a heat gun or blow dryer to soften the adhesive around the glass. Be careful not to apply too much heat, moving the heat gun or blow dryer in circular motions.
  5. Using a suction cup and a pick, simultaneously pull the rear glass up slightly and wedge the pick in the created opening.
  6. Move the pick around all of the edges of the panel.
  7. Now that the rear glass is loose, remove it from the midframe.
  8. Remove the excess adhesive and unscrew the thirteen 3.5mm Phillips #00 screws on the midframe and take it off. You may need to use picks to help. Once removed, set aside.
  9. Using a spudger, disengage the battery from its link to the motherboard.
  10. Completely remove the battery by inserting the pick between it and the case.
  11. Disconnect the Wifi and Bluetooth cables from the motherboard with the spudger.
  12. Detach the home button, display, and earpiece speaker connections from the motherboard using the same technique in the previous step with the spudger.
  13. Lift the motherboard from the camera side to remove it from the motherboard completely.
  14. Remove the daughterboard ribbon from the motherboard.
  15. Finally, take your new S6 screen and place it in the spot of your cracked screen assembly part.
  16. Rebuild your Galaxy S6 following these same steps in reverse.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Glass Screen Protectors

Cracking a phone screen is frustrating enough the first time around. Prevent future mishaps and guard your phone with some protective measures.

Tempered Glass Protectors

These protectors fit right on top of your Galaxy S6 to provide protection that doesn’t compromise the appearance of your phone. Most brands are dust and fingerprint resistant, to keep the sleek design of your phone intact. Tempered glass has a thin design, so the touch response on your screen won’t be affected either. You can get a glass protector for about $8 in most stores as well as online sites.

Phone Case

If you would like to go the safest route, we recommend using a phone case. You can pick up one to use in conjunction with a screen protector, or one that is all encompassing. One of the most versatile phone cases is the LifeProof Galaxy S6 case. LifeProof cases protect your phone from water damage, drops, dust, and have a sleek build. This is a great option if you’re concerned about more severe damages.

If you’ve decided to enlist assistance with your Samsung Galaxy S6 repair, CPR is here to save your mobile life! Whether you need a screen repair or just want to browse our protective accessories to prevent future damage, find a CPR location near you. Stop into your nearest CPR store, visit us online, or give us a call for a free diagnosis and estimate.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Replacement

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is labeled as one of the most advanced smartphones ever created. It comes equipped with a non-removable 2,550mAh-rated battery, a complete game changer from previous versions that enabled users to swap batteries. Without the ability to swap out batteries, Samsung Galaxy S6 battery replacement becomes far more complicated.

A recent study revealed that the average American spends up to 90 minutes a day on their smartphone, and that doesn’t help the Galaxy S6 battery as it’s not meeting expectations based on user reviews. If your Galaxy S6 isn’t holding its charge, follow CPR Cell Phone Repair’s step-by-step Samsung Galaxy S6 battery replacement guide below.

About Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life

The S6 battery pack is smaller than previous models so Samsung could create a slimmer phone, while concentrating on design over functionality. For moderate usage, the Galaxy S6 battery life will last around 17 hours off one charge. So you’re not tied to a wall charger, here are some easy ways to Extend the Galaxy S6 Battery life:

  • Disable Micro-App Services – these applications run in the background while draining your battery. To disable unused apps, download an application killer from the Google Play store. Package Disabler Pro is a great to eliminate all unused apps at once for only $1.95.
  • Disable Location Services – There are a lot of benefits to enabling your location services like finding your lost or stolen phone, but you’ll want to disable if it’s eating away at your battery life. In the Google Settings app select “Location” to access Android’s location settings (also found by Settings > Location). Here you’ll find all the apps that are using your location services, including a toggle to switch the feature on or off. To keep you and your battery safe, we recommend changing the “Mode” to “Battery saving”. This will disable the GPS from draining your battery while only utilizing Wi-Fi and mobile networks to determine your location. If you wish to be completely off the grid, click the On/Off switch in the top right corner.
  • Disable Location Reporting – If you do not want Google to collect and store your location data, open the Google Location Reporting settings and simply disable “Location Reporting” and “Location History” on your S6.

If your Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery isn’t getting you through the day off of a single charge, then purchasing an external battery pack may be the smartest decision. To ensure your S6 charges quickly and efficiently for the right price, the TYLT Energi 3K is the perfect match. Comprised of its compact case and durable exterior, the TYLT Energi contains 3,000 mAh of charging capacity. The built-in MicroUSB allows you stop carrying bundles of cords and also has an additional USB port so you can charge more then one device at a time. For around $30.00, you’ll have a battery pack that is built for performance and longevity.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Replacement Cost

To ensure your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery is replaced by expert technicians with the best quality parts and elite technical knowledge, we will explore several avenues to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Samsung Service:

The Samsung Galaxy S6 battery comes equipped with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Samsung will also swap out the defective battery for free if its maximum capacity drops below 80% within the first year. After your warranty expires, it will cost you $45.00 to replace the defective battery on your Galaxy S6.

Best Buy:

Geek Squad will only replace your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery if it’s still under the one-year warranty. If the S6 is still under warranty, Geek Squad charges $90.00 and will ship your phone to their third-party vendor. If your S6 is not under warranty, Geek Squad will not repair your battery and will refer you go to Samsung directly.

CPR Service:

To have your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery replaced by the experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair, you can expect to pay $75.00.

How to Replace Galaxy S6 Battery – DIY Guide

We highly recommend you leave all repairs to the experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair to ensure no further damages result. If you’d like to replace your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery yourself, follow the instructions below.


  • Sim card eject tool
  • Phillips #00 screwdriver
  • iFixit guitar picks set of 6
  • Heavy-duty suction cups (pair)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 battery

Step 1: The Sim Card

  • Insert the SIM eject tool into the SIM card slot near the power button and press the eject SIM card tray. NOTE: Press gently or you’ll damage the SIM card tray.

Step 2

  • Carefully remove the SIM card tray from the S6.

Step 3: Heat the iOpener

  • Clean your microwave prior to prevent gunk getting on your S6. Place the iOpener in the center of the microwave and make sure the plate spins freely.

Step 4

  • For only 30 seconds, heat the iOpener. Continuously reheat the iOpener throughout the entire process if it cools for 30 seconds. NOTE: be careful not to overheat during the process because it may cause the iOpener to burst. Also, never touch the iOpener if it appears swollen. The iOpener should stay warm for up to 10 minutes.

Step 5

  • To avoid the hot center, remove the iOpener from the microwave by holding it by the two flat ends. To prevent injury, use an oven mitt.

Step 6: Prepping the Rear Glass

  • Start by placing the phone facedown and lay the iOpener over the panel for about 30 seconds to loosen the adhesive around the S6’s edge. To ensure all adhesive is loose, place the iOpener over remaining sections for 30 seconds.

Step 7

  • Place the suction cup on the lower half of the glass panel. To secure the suction up, raise the hinged handle and flip the latch to clamp both handles.

Step 8

  • Use the opening tool/pick to separate the rear frame. If the adhesive is still too strong, reapply the heated iOpener. Use the suction cup to apply pressure to the middle of the S6 while gently pulling up the lower end, slowly pivoting your wrist.

Step 9

  • Once you’ve got a large enough opening, insert the opening tool/pick between the rear glass and the S6’s midframe.

Step 10

  • Gently slide the opening tool/pick around the bottom left corner of the rear panel.

Step 11

  • Carefully slide the opening tool/pick along the top of the S6.

Step 12

  • Then slide the opening tool/pick down along the volume button side of the S6.

Step 13

  • Slowly pull up on the rear of the glass panel while securing down the midframe to separate the two. If there’s too much resistance, run your pick under the glass.

Step 14

  • Insert the opening tool/pick between the rear panel and midframe. Gently slide the tool/pick along the top of the S6 to loosen any remaining adhesive. Twist to separate the pieces.

Step 15

  • Now the rear glass panel is separated from the S6, so gently pull the rear panel up and away.

Step 17: Assemble the Midframe

  • Remove thirteen 3.5mm Philips #00 screws that secure the midframe to the S6.

Step 18

  • While firmly grasping the midframe assembly, lift up the midframe while gently pushing the battery down to separate the midframe from the S6.

Step 19

  • Slowly pull the midframe assembly up and away from the S6.

Step 20: Battery Connector

  • Disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard by using the flat end of the spudger tool.

Step 21: The Battery

  • Place the plastic opening tool/pick between the case and the battery. Keep the tool/pick as flat as possible to prevent the battery from bending. If it is too difficult to remove the battery, place the iOpener over the battery to loosen the adhesive glue.

Step 22

  • Gently remove the battery from the S6.

To reassemble your S6 battery, follow these steps in reverse order. When reapplying the rear glass, refer to the rear glass adhesive replacement guide.

To ensure your Galaxy S6 battery remains charged throughout the day, CPR Cell Phone Repair technicians are a phone call away! There are also store locations across the United States and Canada, ensuring convenience for a face-to-face conversation about your specific Samsung Galaxy S6 repair needs. Stop by for a free diagnosis and repair estimate today or ship your devices to us at your convenience.

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The Limited Lifetime Warranty

Issues Warranty

In addition to being able to repair nearly any small electronic gadget that comes through our doors, and being able to complete most repairs in less than two hours, we also guarantee the quality of our workmanship and the quality of our parts for a full 6 months!

What does it mean for you?

If, at any time during our limited lifetime warranty period, the original repair fails because of the quality of the part we installed or the workmanship in repairing the device, we will fix it for FREE. No questions asked. Can’t beat a guarantee like that!

All CPR Stores are independently owned and operated. As such, not all stores may offer the same warranty.