Samsung Galaxy S9

With an infinity display, a sleek design and a revolutionary camera, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has earned major praise from tech critics. If you’re experiencing common Samsung Galaxy S9 issues like a faulty battery, cracked screen, or water damage, utilize CPR’s troubleshooting and repair guides.
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Motherboard Repair

If your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ is experiencing motherboard issues, use the troubleshooting tips and information below to get your device back in working order.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Motherboard Problems

The Samsung Galaxy S9 logic board can wreak havoc on your device if it isn’t functioning properly. If your Galaxy device is overheating, producing error messages, or completely dead, enlist the help of CPR’s Galaxy S9 motherboard repair services.

Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy S9 Motherboard Damage 

Galaxy S9 and S9+ motherboard issues can be tricky, which is why it’s typically best to leave complicated repairs to a professional. However, there are several troubleshooting tricks you can try prior to taking your device to a repair shop.

Start with these quick and straightforward Galaxy S9 motherboard troubleshooting tips:

Perform a Soft Reset

Performing a soft reset safely restarts your Galaxy S9 without erasing or disrupting data. Use the steps below to perform a soft reset:

  • Hold down the power button and the volume down button for about 10 seconds.
  • When the screen goes blank and begins rebooting, release the buttons.

Check the Memory 

Low memory may cause issues that users confused for motherboard issues like slow performance and power issues. To ensure you don’t have low memory, go to Settings> Device maintenance> Storage.

Update Your Software

Be sure that your Galaxy S9 or S9+ is using Android’s most up-to-date software. A software update may minimize the issues you’re experience as well as help with battery life.

Let Us Repair Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Motherboard.

Bring your damaged Galaxy S9 to CPR Cell Phone Repair for professional motherboard repair. Worried about how much the S9 motherboard repair will cost? Our technicians provide free estimates on all Samsung Galaxy S9 repairs.

Plus, with same day repair offerings, CPR can oftentimes save your device’s life while you wait in-store. Visit a conveniently located CPR store near you today!

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Repair

CPR Cell Phone Repair prides itself in offering affordable, reliable repair solutions for all of the most common Samsung Galaxy S9 issues, including screen damage. Our professional team of technicians works quickly so you won’t have to be without your Samsung Galaxy S9 for long! In fact, most Galaxy S9 and S9+ screen replacements can be completed within one business day, if not while you wait.

Cracked Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen?  

If your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ screen is shattered, scratched or malfunctioning, enlist the help of CPR Cell Phone Repair. Our team will have your cracked Galaxy S9 screen looking as good as new in no time.

While you’re waiting for your screen replacement, browse our accessories like InvisibleShield screen protectors, Mophie cases, and more. Equipped with premium protection, your device will be safe from future drops and falls.

Galaxy S9 LCD Screen Replacement 

If your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ is showing signs of LCD damage like a flickering display or discoloration, don’t panic. CPR is here to save your mobile life. Using industry-leading tools and parts, our experienced technicians can quickly and effectively fix your Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Cracked Glass Replacement 

With a beautiful, nearly bezel-less Infinity Display, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is susceptible to cracked screens and damage. If a cracked screen is impacting your ability to enjoy your Galaxy S9, hurry into CPR. While a cracked display can be irritating, it can also cause serious problems down the road like dead pixels and discoloration.

Let us Fix Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Today 

Bring your cracked Galaxy S9 screen to the professionals at CPR Cell Phone Repair. For your convenience, we accept both walk-in and scheduled appointments, as well as mail-in repairs.

Worried about how much your Galaxy S9 screen replacement will cost? CPR offers a free diagnosis and estimate on all Samsung smartphone repairs. Get in touch with your nearest CPR store today to learn more!

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Water Damage Repair

Although the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are water-resistant , they certainly aren’t waterproof. If your Galaxy has been submerged in water for an extended period of time or if normal wear and tear has impacted the water-resistance of your device, CPR is here to help with troubleshooting tips and advice.

Water Damaged Galaxy S9?

Just because your Galaxy S9 has water damage doesn’t mean it’s a goner! In fact, a majority of minor water damage is completely repairable with professional help and troubleshooting. Simply find a trustworthy repair service in your area to assess the damage and provide an estimate.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Galaxy S9 Water Damage

Avoid causing further damage to your water-damaged Galaxy S9 or 9+ by reading the do’s and don’ts of Galaxy S9 water damage.

If your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ has water damage, do:

  • Remove all accessories, including cases and chargers.
  • Dry the exterior of the device with an absorbent, soft towel.

If your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ has water damage, don’t:

  • Do not push buttons on your device! Pushing buttons can force liquid further into the device’s circuits.
  • Do not use a hairdryer to dry your device.
  • Leave the device powered off for about 24 hours.

Let us Fix Your Water Damaged Galaxy S9 or Galaxy 9+

Whether your Galaxy S9 has gone for a swim in the pool, toilet or washing machine, CPR can help. With professional-grade equipment and tools, CPR technicians can open your Samsung device. Once opened, our team can dry your S9, remove any debris, run tests, and replace any necessary parts.

If your device is beyond repair, we can help you find a suitable replacement that won’t break the bank. With a variety of certified pre-owned devices in our store, you’re sure to find one you love.

Wondering how much Galaxy S9 water damage repair will cost? CPR offers free estimates on all Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ repair services. Find a store near you to request an estimate!

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Repair

Equipped with a 12 MP Dual Aperture rear camera and an 8 MP front camera, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ make it easy to capture photos like a true professional. Don’t let a broken or malfunctioning camera limit you! Instead, use the following tips and information from CPR to troubleshoot your Samsung Galaxy S9 camera.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Not Working?

While some Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ camera issues are the consequence of accidental hardware damage, others are caused by less apparent issues like software issues, SIM card issues, and more. If your Galaxy S9’s rear or front camera has stopped working, use the following troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting a Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Use the following Samsung Galaxy S9 camera troubleshooting tips in an effort to fix your malfunctioning camera.

  • Check Your SIM Card: Ensure your Galaxy S9’s SIM card is inserted correctly. To do this, turn off your device and extract the SIM card tray located on the top of the phone. Insert the SIM card again being careful that it is in the correct position. Once the SIM is firmly in place, test the Galaxy S9 camera again.
  • Restart Your Device: Restart your device by performing a soft reset. A soft reset will preserve your data without disrupting any content. Perform a soft reset by:
    • Holding down the power button and the volume button for approximately 10 seconds;
    • Once the screen goes black, release the buttons.
  • Keep Software Up-to-Date: Ensure that your device is running on the most up-to-date Android software. Keeping software up-to-date ensures no bugs are impacting the camera.

Let us Fix Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Today.

If you’ve used the above S9 camera troubleshooting tips but your camera is still malfunctioning, it may be time to consider a professional repair service. Visit your local CPR to have an expert technician diagnose and fix your Galaxy S9.

How much does a Galaxy S9 camera repair cost, you ask? CPR provides customers with free, no commitment time and cost estimates. Contact your nearest store to request a free estimate today!

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Replacement

Between phone calls, texting, emails, and more, you rely on your Samsung Galaxy S9 for a lot. This constant usage can quickly eat away at your device’s battery life. If you find your device is constantly running out of juice, review the following information and troubleshooting tips.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Problems?

If your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ is constantly ruining out of battery or simply won’t hold a charge, it may be time to consider a battery replacement. Say goodbye to 1% battery life by visiting the experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair.

Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery

Before taking your Samsung Galaxy S9 to a service center, try the following troubleshooting tips to improve battery performance.

  • Turn on Power Saver

Activate Power Saver Mode by going to Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > Power saving mode. Then, select MID or MAX and apply.

  • Use the Optimization Feature

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ come equipped with a nifty optimization feature. This feature allows you to quickly and easily clean up unneeded files, close background apps and free up memory. Simply select Settings> Device maintenance. Then, the feature will list areas that need optimization.

  • Enable Airplane Mode

If you don’t need to make calls or use data, enable Airplane mode. To enable, toggle Airplane Mode on in the Quick Settings menu. While this isn’t a long-term solution to battery issues, it can help you save some battery life when you’re in a pinch.

  • Dim the Screen Brightness

Screen brightness can quickly eat away at your battery life. To dim your screen’s brightness, open the Notification Panel. Then, adjust the brightness bar found in Quick Settings shortcuts.

Let us Fix Your Galaxy S9 Battery Today

If you’ve tried all of the above tips to conserve your S9’s battery and the device still won’t hold a charge, you may need a Galaxy S9 battery replacement or repair. How much does a battery replacement cost, you ask? Let the technicians at CPR examine your device and offer a free estimate. Find a CPR store near you today!

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Power Button Repair

When your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ is having power button issues, it can be difficult to get even the simplest things done; but not to worry! Use the following Galaxy S9 power button troubleshooting tips and information below to restore your device to its original condition.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Power Button Not Working?

While power buttons can break due to normal wear and tear, they often break as a result of an accidental drop. When smartphones are dropped, internal components occasionally come loose or break which causes a connection failure.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Power Button Tips

Before taking your broken Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ to the repair shop, use the following tips to troubleshoot your power button issues.

  • Check the Battery

Unfortunately, power buttons issues can often be confused for battery issues. To ensure you don’t have a dead battery, try charging your Galaxy S9 overnight. In the morning, try testing the power button again. and then try the power button again. If your S9 still won’t power on, the issue may be a broken power button.

  • Backup Data

Plug your Galaxy S9 into your computer to back up any photos, contacts, and valuable data. After approximately five minutes, the Galaxy S9 may restart, enabling you to transfer any necessary files and data.

Repair Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Power Button

While there are several power button repair kits available online, we typically don’t recommend them for the average consumer. Without a technical understanding of the inner workings of a cell phone, you may cause more harm than good during a DIY repair. Additionally, without a professional diagnosis, you may replace the power button only to discover that the issue with your S9 is the battery or another internal component.

When you’re in need of a professional Galaxy S9 repair service, rely on CPR! Our technicians have the training and experience to save your mobile life.

How much does a Galaxy S9 power button repair cost, you ask? Request a free, no-commitment estimate on your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ power button replacement from your local CPR!

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The Limited Lifetime Warranty

Issues Warranty

In addition to being able to repair nearly any small electronic gadget that comes through our doors, and being able to complete most repairs in less than two hours, we also guarantee the quality of our workmanship and the quality of our parts for a full 6 months!

What does it mean for you?

If, at any time during our limited lifetime warranty period, the original repair fails because of the quality of the part we installed or the workmanship in repairing the device, we will fix it for FREE. No questions asked. Can’t beat a guarantee like that!

All CPR Stores are independently owned and operated. As such, not all stores may offer the same warranty.