Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Replacement Guide

The last thing that you want to think about when you are in the middle of dealing with your busy life is a cracked or broken Galaxy S7. Our lives are far too fast paced for us to take time out to deal with our phone slipping out of our grip and shattering on the sidewalk, let alone think about how to get it fixed. Thankfully, the experts at CPR have created this handy Samsung Galaxy S7 screen replacement guide to help you stop worrying about your phone and find a solution.

Common Galaxy S7 Screen Problems

While many Samsung phone reviews suggest the Galaxy S7 is one of Samsung’s best smartphones, there are still some common issues with the device’s screen. One slightly irritating common issue is the screen having varying tints across the display. Some areas toward the bottom of the screen may be slightly darker, or other places will have a slight pink, yellow, or green tint.

Another common problem is the screen going totally black and becoming unresponsive to touch. While some of the buttons may work and lights may come on, the screen stays black and will not turn back on without a restart.

Frozen Galaxy S7 Screen

Sometimes, your Galaxy S7’s screen may freeze and become unresponsive. A frozen screen could be due to a high volume of apps being open all at once, a non-mobile friendly web page having too much on it, an infected app being downloaded onto the phone, a malfunctioning screen, a cracked screen, or a variety of other things. Whatever the cause, having a frozen screen is a major annoyance but we can give you some solutions to fix it.

Frequently, a frozen screen simply calls for a soft reboot of your Samsung Galaxy S7. To do this, simply press down the power button and the volume down button at the same time and hold until the phone vibrates, turns off, and reboots. This usually takes about 7 to 8 seconds.

If this doesn’t work or if you have a cracked screen, it may be time for a professional to evaluate your device to see if you need a screen replacement for you Galaxy S7.

Black Galaxy S7 Screen

samsung galaxy s7 imageGalaxy S7 users have actually reported multiple cases where the phone has started to reboot like normal, and then the screen has gone completely black. Some of the lights may function, and the sound may still work, but the screen remains black and totally unresponsive. While it is not entirely clear why this happens, a lot of the blame has been attributed to software malfunctions, but it is possible that other issues are the cause of the ‘black screen of death.’ There are, fortunately, two different things to try that can fix the problem.

You can reboot the phone in recovery mode by powering the Galaxy S7 off, pressing and holding down the power button and volume down button, waiting for the Android System Recovery screen, use the volume buttons to select “wipe cache partition,” and then the phone will reboot.

If that doesn’t work, you can try a factory reset. This will wipe all of your data and restore your S7 to factory settings, so this should be your last resort. You activate the factory reset by turning off the device, holding down the power button and the volume down button, using the volume keys to navigate the Android System Recovery screen, selecting “Wipe data/factory reset,” and confirming. Then your phone should reboot normally.

If the cache wipe does not work and you don’t want to wipe the phone, it may be time to bring your phone to a professional for evaluation.

Cracked Galaxy S7 Screen

While frozen screens and black screens have workarounds, cracked or shattered screens usually require a more concrete fix. Accidents happen but cracked and shattered screens can be dangerous to carry around and use. Additionally, the inner workings of your phone can sometimes be damaged as a result of the cracked screen. If you have a cracked Galaxy S7 screen, replacement is your best options. This way the screen can be fully replaced so you don’t risk glass in your fingers and more damage to the device.

black samsung galaxy s7 imageSamsung Galaxy S7 Screen Replacement Cost

Costs vary for Galaxy S7 screen replacement, but you do have a variety of options. It can get a little expensive, but thankfully you do have your pick of services.

Official Samsung Services

If your S7 is still relatively new and under the manufacturer’s warranty, that’s the first place to look. A replacement from the manufacturer will guarantee that your warranty stays enact and that your screen will be completely repaired, or your device replaced, but it is going to cost you about $270 and one or two days without your phone.

If you purchased the Samsung Protection Plan, like AppleCare but for your Galaxy phone, your cracked screen in covered. The Samsung Protection Plan will cost you between $99 and $129 for two years of protection and then if you need your Galaxy S7 screen replaced, you’ll just pay a $79 deductible. This brings the repair of your Samsung Galaxy S7 screen to about $208.

Batteries Plus

If you don’t have the Samsung Protection Plan and your warranty is up, you can go to a third party vendor for a Galaxy S7 screen replacement. Quite a few of these places like small local stores and chains like Batteries Plus Bulbs, offer Samsung screen replacements that can run from $100 to $250 and their policies and services can be spotty.

CPR Service

Thankfully, there is a third option, CPR Cell Phone Repair. At CPR, our technicians are expertly trained in Samsung Galaxy S7 screen replacement and have all of the tools and tricks to make it a quick and easy process. What’s even better is that CPR offers free estimates! So you will know exactly how much your screen replacement costs before you pay for it. CPR offers professional Galaxy S7 screen replacement for a cost-effective price and our service is so fast, you won’t have to wait days for your device! Contact your local CPR today for more information on Samsung Galaxy S7 repair services.

How to Replace the Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen – DIY Guide

Sometimes getting your Galaxy S7 screen replaced by a service isn’t an option, so the experts at CPR have put together a guide for how to replace the Galaxy S7 screen. Please keep in mind that Samsung has made it almost impossible for anyone but a trained professional from replacing the Galaxy S7 screen. Even if you follow these instructions precisely, it is possible that you may end up with a small crack in the new screen so replace with caution.

  1. Power off your device.
  2. Take the back cover off your Galaxy S7.
      1. This step may require you to use a little heat from a heat gun or blow dryer and pry up the plastic cover using a plastic card like a gift card or credit card.
  3. Remove the plastic cover off the back.
  4. Remove all of the screws that attach the motherboard to the S7.
  5. Carefully remove the motherboard and set aside.
  6. Apply a little heat to the front of the phone to soften the glue holding the LCD screen in place.
  7. Start prying the screen up with a razor blade so you can fit a plastic card in between the LCD and housing.
  8. Run the card slowly around the area between the LCD and case until the screen releases from the case.
    1. NOTE: Keep in mind that the navigation flex and home button flex are under the screen at the bottom of the phone and can tear very easily.
  9. Clean out the housing and screen frame so there is no glass or debris is left behind.
  10. Carefully snap the new LCD screen in place.
    1. NOTE: Keep in mind that the new LCD screen is very fragile, and excessive pressure could cause the screen to break.
  11. After you have snapped the new LCD in place, reverse these instructions and your S7 will have a new screen!

As you can see, Samsung Galaxy S7 screen replacement is no task for the faint of heart. If you’d prefer that a professional handle your Samsung Galaxy S7 repair, depend on the expert technicians at CPR. Find your local CPR and request a free estimate today! We are professionally trained and can have your smartphone repaired in no time.

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