iPhone Screen Repair Guide

Icon of iPhone before and after screen repairiPhone screen repair changes for each generation of phone, just like other smartphones from competing corporations. Depending on which model you own, you might be paying more for a replacement part or be more likely to have a warranty still in place. We have laid out the most recent generations of iPhone, the differences in their display screens, and what factors might be involved with cost. Use this as a comprehensive guide for how to replace an iPhone screen:

iPhone 4 and 4s Screen Repair

How much does it cost?

You might initially jump to Apple repair if your iPhone 4 or 4s screen becomes cracked, but there could be better options. iPhone 4 and 4s are typically out of warranty by this point, meaning that you’ll have to pay Apple approximately $80 plus shipping (unless you visit an Apple store).

iCracked and Radio Shack are two alternative providers for iPhone 4s screen replacement. Radio Shack promises a 72-hour fix for a minimum of $59.99 plus the cost of the kit (parts) they use to repair. iCracked takes approximately 20 minutes to an hour (in store), but the cost is considerably higher (similar to Apple).

Cell Phone Repair offers same day repair for cracked display screens and a limited lifetime warranty on all parts and labor associated with the repair. An iPhone 4 screen and LCD together can start as low as $59.

What if you use a screen replacement kit?

An iPhone 4 glass replacement kit costs as little as $5 plus shipping. However, you don’t have the guarantee of a repair, nor the same speed as repairs carried out by an experienced technician.

iPhone 5/5c and 5s Screen Repair

How much does it cost?

Every iPhone 5 model costs $129 for Apple to repair as long as the glass display is the only broken component. The out-of-warranty cost for additional damage increases from there. If you have AppleCare+, two incidents of accidental damage are covered for $79 a piece.

iPhone glass repair cost for the 5th-generation models will be only a little more pricey using any other provider like Radio Shack or iCracked.

Because CPR carries all common replacement parts on hand, an iPhone 5 screen repair can happen within hours of walking into the store. And best of all, you get a free repair estimate before agreeing to the service. The iPhone cracked screen replacement cost will vary by store but can cost as little as $89.

What if you use a screen replacement kit?

An iPhone 5 screen repair kit costs $45-50 and includes an LCD, as well as the various tools needed to pry open the phone safely. However, you won’t have the peace of mind knowing that your repair is done with experience and will last.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Screen Repair

How much does it cost?

Even if your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus is covered under the Apple One-Year warranty, accidental damage is not covered. Therefore, you’ll still have to pay $109 and $129 for iPhone 6 screen replacement and iPhone 6 Plus screen replacement, respectively. Repair by official Apple stores is more costly than repair providers like CPR, Radio Shack or iCracked, but only just.

Cell Phone Repair guarantees quality iPhone screen replacement that will last for as low as $129, depending on the damage. If you prefer, you can still mail it in for repair. But you can also choose to walk into one of over two hundred stores throughout the US and Canada; that way, you don’t pay shipping and your repair is done on the spot!

What if you use a screen replacement kit?

An iPhone 6 glass replacement kit costs around $25 online or up to $150 for a kit that includes an LCD screen and other parts that may also be damaged (home button, camera lens, etc.). Keep in mind that the larger the screen, the more difficult it is to replace shattered glass safely. It’s recommended instead to get an expert repair.

How to Replace a Cracked iPhone Screen (DIY)

If you want a low iPhone glass repair cost, you might consider a DIY repair. The only cost associated with a DIY repair is the replacement part (and your time).

using an iphone screen protector to save moneyThe following is a general guide for what repairing a cracked iPhone screen entails. Note: This is not a specific guide and should not be used alone to try to repair your phone. Also, replacing your screen will void any existing warranty and could pose a danger to the device if not carried out properly.

  • Step 1: Turn off your phone. Remove any external cords or memory cards.
  • Step 2: Use suction cups and a pry tool to separate the front and back panels of the phone.
  • Step 3: Disassemble all parts from the front of the phone (any connecting cables).
  • Step 4: Remove and set aside any parts you need for the new display assembly (camera, home button, etc.).
  • Step 5: Reassemble phone with the new display (attaching necessary parts and cables).
  • Step 6: Firmly close the front and back panels (snapping into place or using adhesive).

iPhone Screen Protector: Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Once you have decided on and carried out your iPhone glass repair, try to take measures to prevent another incident of physical damage. The ultimate way to prevent a cracked iPhone display is, of course, handling the device with care while using. But you can also invest in smartphone accessories like an iPhone case that absorbs heavy impact and the shock of hitting the ground, or an iPhone cover or shield which helps reduce smudging and scratches.

These accessories can be found at any Cell Phone Repair store location across the country or in Canada. So if you’re stopping by for iPhone screen repair, take a look around at the options for future iPhone protection. That way, you can avoid repairs in the future!

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