iPhone 5 Screen Replacement – The Complete Guide!

Tired of skipping your fingers across a shattered iPhone 5 screen in a vain attempt to maintain its functionality? You sit idly in the park, wishing you could take a photo of the ridiculously cute dog walking past – but your camera is busted from having dropped and cracked the front face of the phone a few days ago. And you can’t even use the touch screen to text your friend about the dog, because that is broken too. You are pretty much limited to looking at the dog as it passes and then glaring at your iPhone 5.

Cracked iPhone5, screen replacement needed. It shouldn’t be this way; you paid your hard-earned money for that snazzy smartphone in your pocket. But to fix your broken iPhone 5 screen seems like a daunting task. Let us make it a little less daunting for you by hashing out the comparative costs, time frames, and risks of your iPhone 5 screen replacement options, including a DIY guide!

What’s iPhone 5 Screen Replacement Cost?

The cost of iPhone 5 screen repair fluctuates based on the service provider, device age, and if a warranty exists. Here is a quick cost comparison between three of the best iPhone repair providers :

Official Apple Store

As recently as last year, Apple was charging upwards of $400 for patrons who had cracked an iPhone 5 screen. Thankfully, they reduced the fee to $129 as the out-of-warranty cost. What if you have a warranty that covers iPhone 5 screen repair? Apple Care + covers two incidents of accidental damage with a $79 service fee.

Geek Squad

Geek Squad may be an Apple-certified repair location, but if you don’t have a valid warranty, your iPhone 5 glass replacement is going to cost you more than even Apple itself will charge. How much? Around $200, depending on whether your iPhone 5 display assembly alone is damaged, or if the damage extends to other components.

CPR Cell Phone Repair

Do away with the hassle of expired warranties and weighty cracked iPhone 5 screen repair fees, not to mention a 3-5 day turnaround time. Cell Phone Repair offers a free device assessment and estimate before you ever commit to paying, leaving your options open to try a DIY repair or consider trading your phone in for a refurbished new smartphone! And if you do decide on any type of iPhone 5 repair with CPR, the expert technicians can usually have your device back to you in working order in less than 24 hours.

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement Parts

If you are considering a DIY approach to fix your broken iPhone 5 screen, you will first need the correct parts. Cost, without labor factored in, depends on the parts that are being replaced. The screen is technically made up of two components: an LCD and a front panel/digitizer. Many kits that come with cell phone glass replacement parts will have both of these, sometimes even in one single combined easy-to-replace unit for between $40-60.

If accidental damage has caused the broken screen, parts you need may go beyond just the screen itself. The home button, front camera, earpiece speaker, and LCD shield plate are all features that may have encountered collateral damage. It is good to have these parts on hand to fix the iPhone 5 broken screen by your own, and luckily they don’t cost too much extra. This type of kit only costs a few extra dollars, ranging from $50-70.
iPhone 5 screen replaced

How to Replace the iPhone 5 Screen Yourself – DIY!

If you feel confident enough, you can choose to perform a DIY repair on the iPhone 5 cracked display assembly. Keep in mind that you will nullify any warranty on your device by tampering with it. Up for the challenge?! Follow the steps given below:

  1. To keep the cracked glass and further damage to your device and yourself contained, cover the display with clear packing tape. It will also help maintain structural unity why prying and lift the glass away.
  2. Power off the device.
  3. Remove the two pentalobe screws on either side of the Lightning connector on the bottom of the phone.
  4. Press a suction cup to the screen, above the home button.
  5. Hold the edges of the iPhone down and gently pull on the suction cup to lift the front display panel from the rear case.
  6. Gently pry around the edges of the display with the plastic opening tool, spreading the front display panel and rear case apart. This will detach the clips holding the two pieces together.
  7. Lift front panel up slowly to a 90-degree angle. Do not attempt to separate the front and back panels completely, as they will still be connected via ribbon cables at the top.
  8. Locate the silver front panel assembly cable bracket to the top right-hand side of the battery. Unscrew the three screws attaching it to the logic board (and pay attention to where each individual screw goes).
  9. Lift and remove the front panel assembly cable bracket. Locate the three cables hidden beneath, and disconnect these with the plastic opening tool.
  10. Completely separate the front and rear panels of the phone.
  11. Locate front camera bracket. Remove the two screws connecting it to the front panel display.
  12. Lift and remove the earpiece speaker bracket and the earpiece speaker.
  13. Use the plastic opening tool to pry the camera cable out of the display assembly.
  14. Remove the front facing camera and rear microphone.
  15. Remove the two screws securing the home button bracket.
  16. Use the plastic opening tool to pry the home button ribbon cable up. Start at the right, between the gold contact points, and gently move toward the left to pry it free from the adhesive without stressing or breaking the cable.
  17. Pry the home button up gently from the display assembly and remove.
  18. Remove two screws from each side of the LCD frame.
  19. Remove the two screws holding the LCD shield plate to the front assembly and lift away the shield plate.
  20. What you have left is the bare, cracked display assembly.
  21. Transfer over (or replace) the LCD shield plate, home button, front camera, and earpiece speaker to your new display assembly and reassemble!

Whether you are leaning toward iPhone 5 screen replacement by Apple or a DIY fix, know your options and the extent of the damage first! A great place to start is CPR, where qualified technicians can inform you about how deep the damage in your phone goes – perhaps having affected your camera, speaker, and other components beyond the cracked glass.

Worried about paying too much or further damaging your device by attempting the DIY approach, CPR can bring life back to your phone. Getting repairs from any CPR location ensures fast, affordable service. No stress. No mess. And you can get back to taking photos of silly park pooches!

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