Yikes My Phone Got Wet!

There are still plenty of sunny days left this year, which means lots of sun. And with lots of sun comes lots of water. Whether you are swimming in it or just drinking it to stay cool, your phone can be in danger. Water damage can potentially completely ruin your phone. One thing you definitely do not want to do is let it just sit and dry. It may dry completely and start to work again, but there are so many nooks and crannies in your phone that some will remain in there. This will cause corrosion to all the little electronic parts, and that is definitely not good. Your phone needs to be properly cleaned and repaired to get it back to full functionality. We highly recommend that you get your phone cleaned after dropping it in the pool, toilet, or anything else with water.

One solution provided by the internet tells you will completely fix a phone dropped in water by letting it dry in rice. This does a great job of drying it out, but again, it does not get all of the water or its mineral deposits out of there. We recommend that you do let it dry, especially before trying to turn it back on. Once dry, bring it in to CPR for water damage repair estimates by our professional technicians. We will be able to get your phone back to working properly. It will also guarantee a longer lifespan for your phone without those corrosive minerals on the circuit boards in your phone.

It is important to understand what to do after you drop your phone in water. This will make it easier for us to fix, and reduce meaningless stress and money spent by you. Trust a professional to completely repair water damage, not rice.

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