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In most cases, spending $200-$400 on an object that we’re constantly putting in and out of our pocket and holding out in front of us precariously, but probably wouldn’t survive a fall onto concrete from 5 feet high, sounds like a poor investment.


And yet here we all are, dropping mad cash onto smartphones knowing full well that the chances of damaging it are mercilessly high. In fact, a recent British study found that the average iPhone is broken within 10 weeks of purchase. Perhaps that says more about the iPhone than their users, but it’s a frightening statistic nonetheless. Some more eyebrow-raising statistics:


  • Smartphone users have become unnaturally careless with their devices. Of the 23 million people that have broken their phone during a sporting event (yeah, that’s million, with an “m”) 12% of them did it by throwing it in a fit of rage, and 13% dropped it in their beer. Come on, guys.


Which is why we’ve created this handy Phone Damage Calculator! Just answer a few simple questions and we’ll help you assess the damage, and take the suspense out of that oh-so-difficult moment of turning over your phone to see the screen. We tried to include all the various possible scenarios in which your phone could be damaged, hoping to maybe pinpoint the exact means by which you wasted half a grand.


So take a deep breath, be honest with yourself, and find out if you should…turn it over.


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