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user holding old iphone ready for repurposing

5 Best Ways to Repurpose an Old iPhone

Everyone has a junk drawer. Typically it’s a graveyard for old, unwanted cell phones. Instead of banishing old devices to the junk drawer, try repurposing them! Find out how in CPR’s latest blog, “5 Best Ways to Repurpose an Old…

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children using tablet with parental controls

How to Set Parental Controls on Apple Products

Between school assignments, watching shows, and texting friends, children are spending more and more time on electronics. Ensure your children are safe online by learning how to set parental controls on Apple products such as iPhones and iPads. Parental Controls…

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user wiping cell phone screen clean

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Cell Phone

When you think of spring cleaning, you likely think of organizing your closet, dusting your baseboards, and washing your windows; but why not spend some time spring cleaning your cell phone and tablet? Continue reading for phone cleaning advice from…

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opening new smartphone box

Your Guide to Buying a New Smartphone

Today’s market is heavily saturated with numerous makes and models of smartphones. When you go to purchase a new phone, how do you know where to start? This guide from the experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair will help you…

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front view of samsung galaxy s9 display

What to Expect From the Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 officially hit shelves in March of 2018. Since its debut, it’s made headlines for its remarkable features and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. With new components and some of the tried and true specs, the…

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woman with laptop and smartphone

Celebrating Women in Tech

The technology business is a largely male-dominated industry. With only about 26 percent of computing jobs held by women, most science and technology positions are held by men. Though these numbers are heavily swayed, there are certainly a number of…

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two users on their smartphones

Digital Detox: Tips to Reduce Tech Time

Technology is not going anywhere. If anything, our lives are becoming more tech involved each day. It seems that the alerts and notifications never end. The average adult checks their phone 50 to 300 times a day, David Greenfield says,…

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