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Are you searching for a fast, dependable Samsung phone repair in Raleigh, NC? Here at Cell Phone Repair Raleigh, we have experience fixing Samsung smartphones of all models. Whether your Samsung device is suffering from a shattered screen, water damage, a broken button, faulty battery, or any other issue, CPR in Raleigh is here to help.

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October 06, 2014
After calling 4 offices they were the only ones willing to work on my HTC one. Apparently the phone is a nightmare to work with. It has to be heated up to about 200 degrees before it can be opened and its still unpleasant to fix even once opened. It was costly to fix the screen but the part is pricey to star and its about two to three hours of time to get the whole process complete. they fixed the phone and I was thrilled. When I got home I unfortunately realized the speaker was now not functioning. Fortunately they placed a warranty on the phone which is included in the initial repair. Another 3 hours and she was 100% fixed with no additional charges. While the place is more costly than some other repair places it's obvious they charge appropriate fees because they hire very well trained staff and they are trying to provide quality service. I will do all my repairs with them in the future. Many places don't believe in customer service but they do and their staff is highly capable considering many other technicians said they would not attempt to work with an HTC one for any price.
November 02, 2013
Very good service, even though I had reoccurring problems, they make sure that you're satisfied, I highly recommend
May 09, 2014
I went to CPR to just try and get my pictures off my ipad that I had left on the top of my car while coming home from the store. I use it to keep track of the food I need to buy for the battered women's shelter. Well needless to say I forgot it was up there and it fell off while going down 540, just so happened I was looking in the review when it blew off and slammed into a semi and went under the tires. I was so embarrassed to bring in what was pretty much a twisted metal ball. I had taken it to three other places all of them said they would even try to help me that it was too far gone. I just needed my pictures, they were not replaceable, and I foolishly did not back them up. So I ended up at CPR, in tears, and a very nice young man named Randy said, " I'm gonna be honest, it is a long shot but I will do everything I can to get your data off this device". Every couple days I'd call Randy for any good news, and he would explain to me what he was doing and tell me to stay positive. I just knew my ipad was dead and with it my most precious memories. Now one thing I know for a fact is that if randy is working on your device and you don't hear from him, leave him be, you are in good hands, the longer he takes the harder he is working. So to make this really long story, just a long story:) not only was CPR able to get my pictures off of a hunk of metal THEY FIXED MY IPAD COMPLETELY!!!! They even gave me a back up of my pictures. If you have something that you think can't be fixed, take it to them and hope that you have to call them for an update, that's what I had to do. when everyone said it was not fixable CPR fixed it. Thank you CPR for going above and beyond on my repair, and thank you randy for having such a passion/OCD about fixing things.
Lifetime Warranty

At Cell Phone Repair Raleigh, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our repairs. If the original repair fails because of the quality of a part we installed or due to the workmanship in the repairing of the device, Cell Phone Repair Raleigh will fix it for FREE. No questions asked. You can’t beat a warranty like that!

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