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Are you searching for a fast, dependable Samsung phone repair in Phoenix, AZ? Here at Cell Phone Repair North Phoenix, we have experience fixing Samsung smartphones of all models. Whether your Samsung device is suffering from a shattered screen, water damage, a broken button, faulty battery, or any other issue, CPR in Phoenix is here to help.

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October 03, 2018
UPDATE: the owner called me the next day to get this all sorted out. He was very polite and also the man I dealt with the first time around. He has made the situation completely right and I am very appreciative of him! He assured me this is not how he runs his business and is very regretful that this is how I was treated. This is how a business should be run. I will be returning my business because of him. Thank you! From a 1 Star to a 5 Star.---------------------------------------Seriously, be careful.I never broke a phone before, and somehow I broke my Note 5 twice within 4 months. First it was the LED screen. They were willing to work on the price with me a little and it was done promptly and they even threw on a screen protector free of charge. I was impressed to say the least. But then I broke it again, the issues didn't seem the same as before. So I brought it in again and was told it was the motherboard and would cost me around $130 and would needed to be shipped to the store. It took nearly 2 weeks, which was long but it's what I was told in the begining so that okay and I had to pay a $30 deposit. However I had to call and check up on what was going on. They never called me to tell me it was ready. I later found out it was now the motherboard and the screen which wasn't what I was originally told. And now it would cost me $350. I was upset because I was not only not informed but it's not the issues I was told in the beginning. I decided to buy a new one off eBay, same phone which cost me LESS. I went in to get my phone. They gave it back willingly but would not give my deposit back because and I quote "well we've already put work into it so". They changed the screen and motherboard out in my phone without confirming with me it's what I wanted to do. So it is not my fault they put the work into it. Why would I pay to get it fixed when it's cheaper to buy it brand new. I feel lied to, and like they were trying to cheat me out of my money. can't recommend this place after that, I guess it just depends on which side of them you get. Not reliable in my opinion, be careful!
September 26, 2018
Complete service while I waited, very friendly & reasonable prices! I had my battery changed out on my Samsung S6. I recommend CPR to anyone needing a laptop or cell phone repaired big or small! 5 Stars
September 25, 2018
Courteous prompt and knowledgeable
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At Cell Phone Repair North Phoenix, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our repairs. If the original repair fails because of the quality of a part we installed or due to the workmanship in the repairing of the device, Cell Phone Repair North Phoenix will fix it for FREE. No questions asked. You can’t beat a warranty like that!

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