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Save Battery on Microsoft Surface 3

The Microsoft Surface 3, released in May 2015, features a 10.8” display, 4GB of RAM and microSD compatibility for expanded storage, dual cameras on the front and back, plus a kickstand and keyboard case accessories. With Microsoft Surface tablets being…

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Accessories

In a world filled with smartphones, it’s up to the accessories you get to go with your mobile device to make it truly your own. The 4.7” Samsung Galaxy Alpha, released in September 2014, does a pretty good job standing…

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LG G Stylo Tips

The LG G Stylo is quite a catch, sporting a built-in stylus, long-lasting battery life and a sturdy 5.7” build, all for a lower price than its competitors are charging. There’s no debate about the Stylo being one of LG’s…

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3 Big Issues Needing XBox One Repair

At the end of 2013, gamers were choosing sides – Team Playstation or Team XBox? Both big gaming brand names produced and released a new console model. For XBox, it was the sexy and streamlined XBox One, ringing up at…

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