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Who We Are

  • The largest retail mobile device repair franchise in the industry.

  • 450+ stores and growing, expanding through 7+ countries.

  • Opening an average of 2 store per week nationwide in 2018.

  • Device repair and resale experts teamed with an experienced, multi-concept franchisor with thousands of franchised locations spanning several brands and industries.

Why This Is Relevant To You

  • We are expanding into your market as part of a plan to rapidly grow the number of stores in the CPR system.

  • We have identified your market as one of our targeted development areas where we would like to open multiple locations.

Our Offer To You

Convert your existing store to a CPR.
Benefits of converting to CPR include:
  • Funding provided for costs associated with re-branding items
  • Marketing
  • National accounts
  • Preferred pricing with our partner, Mobile Defenders
  • Certified training for you and your technicians
  • And more!

Rapid Network Expansion

Major changes in the mobile repair industry are fueling the need for rapid consolidation. We believe that large repair chains that can offer a full national network for commercial clients and OEMs will be well positioned to benefit from these key industry changes. We’ve added over 150 new conversion locations in key markets since January of 2017. We plan to add another 200 locations by December 2018, which will take CPR’s footprint to well over 600 locations.


Learn More About Joining Our Network

Benefits of Joining the CPR System

CPR is an international brand with over 400,000 web visits per month. Our franchisees benefit from the name recognition that comes along with being part of an established franchise network.

Our franchisees are able to leverage the size of the CPR system to lower their costs. We have partnered with Mobile Defenders, the number one parts supplier in the United States, and have “most favored nations” pricing arrangements. As part of being within the CPR system, MD offers CPR preferred buy-back pricing for your broken screens with good LCD’s that then allows you to use that credit to purchase high quality new parts. MD and CPR are rolling out a new division of Certified Pre-Owned Devices that will give CPR franchisees access to top tiered phones.

Our franchisees and their employees have access to our comprehensive training program. Our training program is the only ISO-certified program in the mobile device repair industry. ISO certification is an important selling point in B-to-B and school district sales.

CPR trainers are IPC certified instructors, giving your technicians the opportunity to receive the gold standard certification when it comes to soldering.

Network with your peers and receive additional training at our annual national conferences.

We are rapidly selling single store and area developer licenses. You have the opportunity to join the CPR network before we sell your existing territory.

CPR franchisees that decide to sell their business are positioned to do so as part of a national franchise network.

We understand how to drive customer traffic to stores through digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, and social media marketing including Facebook, and Google+. As part of our social media marketing program, CPR will also organize targeted email marketing campaigns. We are able to provide these marketing services to franchisees at a substantial discount on typical prices charged by third parties. This is all included as part of our National Advertising Fund (currently $260 per month).

With waived training fees, you have the opportunity to bring your team to Cleveland for many of the different training programs offered each month. (i.e. New Owner Training, Basic Tech Training, Certified Micro-Soldering Training, Computer Services Training, Master Tech Training, etc.)

Our franchisees have access to detailed instructional videos and best practices for disassembling the latest devices and performing repairs.

CPR franchisees are provided with a POS system, RepairQ. The subscription, which usually costs users $120+ per month is partially subsidized by corporate and integrates with Mobile Defenders, our preferred parts supplier. This integration saves owners time by streamlining inventory management.

We currently offer a nationwide, limited lifetime warranty, which is currently backed by a lifetime warranty from our preferred vendor and partner, Mobile Defenders.

CPR Cell Phone Repair, Computer Troubleshooters, Mobile Defenders, K-12 Tech, Wireless Refresh

Becoming part of the CPR family will grant you access to our growing National Account Network.

Costs of Joining CPR


We have removed any upfront cost associated with converting your store to a CPR, including training and signage.  Additionally, we will provide a free Computer Troubleshooters Franchise License for qualifying locations.

In order to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective marketing program, you are currently required to pay $260 monthly for the National Advertising Fund.

$100 a month. This helps subsidize a plethora of IT and support services provided by CPR Corporate. Ask your CPR representative for more details.

CPR franchisees are provided with a POS system, RepairQ. The subscription, which usually costs users $120+ per month is partially subsidized by corporate and integrates with Mobile Defenders, our preferred parts supplier. This integration saves owners time by streamlining inventory management.

We will cover the cost of both the sign and any other internal changes that will need to be made in order to adhere to our brand guidelines. Signage and build-out purchases will be facilitated by the Corporate office, not to exceed $6,000.

There will be some expenses associated with conforming the interior of your store to our CPR brand guidelines. These expenses will vary depending on the current appearance and condition of your store. We have a relationship with a design firm that is available to help with all aspects of updating the store’s interior.

As a CPR franchisee, we would require you to change your signage. Although the cost of signage varies based on the size and format allowed by the landlord and the municipality, we have found that the all-in cost (including installation) is generally between $4,000 and $6,000.

“Now that we have help with marketing, finances, legal questions and training, I can spend more time focusing on building my business. We start our day in a positive way because there’s a team of successful, knowledgeable and caring individuals supporting me.”

Pedro Ferrer Bonaire, Former Owner of TechRX
Warner Robins, Macon, and Dublin, GA

“Joining CPR has allowed me to work alongside the experts to secure my business in this ever-changing industry.”

Leo Moussa, Former Owner of iFixIt Cellular
Toledo, OH

“I noticed the impact of joining CPR immediately, the brand itself is so professional and the marketing support is extremely helpful.”

Leve Countryman, Former Owner Cell Doctors
Farmington, NM

“Being an independent repair shop is a huge struggle.  Joining CPR helped us streamline our parts procurement process and the free training CPR provided to our location was a huge selling point for us. ”

Todd Charles, Former Owner Cell Doctors
Alququerque, NM

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