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Are you looking to upgrade your mobile life? At Cell Phone Repair Evansville, you can get the latest gadget without paying top dollar. Our locations are always stocked with the newest devices on the market and are available at affordable prices. Trade in an old device, or browse our selection of premium pre-owned devices for sale. Stop in today or call us at 812-401-2200 for information on our available devices for sale.

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Whether you want a new device before it’s time for a carrier upgrade or you need a replacement device for someone in your family, CPR’s used smartphones and tablets for sale are an affordable and convenient option.

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If you’re interested in upgrading to a new smartphone or tablet, stop into Cell Phone Repair Evansville to browse our wide selection of devices by Apple, Samsung, Motorola and more.

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Best Deals For Cheap Phones For Sale

iPhone 5 16GBVZW UNLOCKED$159
iPhone 5 32GBVZW UNLOCKED$179
iPhone 5C 16GBVZW UNLOCKED$159
iPhone 5S 16GBVZW UNLOCKED$189
iPhone 5S 32GBVZW UNLOCKED$209
iPhone 6 16GBVZW UNLOCKED$279
iPhone 6 64GBVZW UNLOCKED$309
iPhone 6 Plus 16GBVZW UNLOCKED$339
iPhone 6 Plus 64GBVZW UNLOCKED$369
iPhone 6S 16GBVZW UNLOCKED$349
iPhone 6S 32GBVZW UNLOCKED$369
iPhone 6S Plus 16GBVZW UNLOCKED$439
iPhone 6S Plus 64GBVZW UNLOCKED$469
Samsung S6 32GBVerizon$279
Samsung S7 32GBVerizon$379
Samsung Note 5 32GBVerizon$399
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