Xbox Repair Services

Has the gaming come to a screeching halt on your Xbox? When it’s malfunctioning, you need experienced Xbox repair service that is quick, affordable, and high quality. At CPR, we fix Xbox units each and every day. Our techs are experienced with the “red ring of death”, discs not ejecting or reading, and much more. With excellent customer service and a large inventory of parts always on hand, we’re your go-to source when you want Xbox repair work done right the first time. All of our repairs even come with a limited lifetime warranty so you’re always in good hands. Visit CPR for an Xbox repair, or servicing on any other gaming console!

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Our techs have experience repairing all of the most common Xbox issues. Some of the common Xbox issues we frequently diagnose and repair include:

  • Red ring of death
  • Damaged motherboard
  • Broken disk drive
  • No sound
  • No picture

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