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iPad Mini

The iPad Mini may be small, but it sure is mighty! The iPad Mini is Apple’s line of miniature computer tablets. The first generation of iPad Mini was released in November of 2012 and offered the same capabilities as the iPad 2. In 2019, Apple began selling the fifth generation of iPad Mini. With Retina Display, Touch ID sensor and more, the iPad Mini possesses Apple’s advanced technologies in a 7.9” display. Don’t let damage to your iPad Mini prevent you from enjoying all of the features it has to offer. Use CPR Cell Phone Repair’s iPad Mini Guides to resolve common iPad Mini issues you might be facing.
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iPad Mini Battery Replacement

The iPad Mini may be fun-sized, but it’s still mighty and jam-packed full of power. If your iPad Mini no longer holds a charge like it once did, don’t panic. Your tablet’s not a goner! Try these battery troubleshooting tips to extend your tablet’s life or explore iPad Mini battery replacement options at your local CPR Cell Phone Repair store.

4 Signs of iPad Mini Battery Problems

It’s entirely normal for tablet batteries to hold their charge less effectively over time; however, if your iPad is in constant need of a charge, it may be time to consider iPad Mini battery replacement. Common signs of iPad Mini battery issues include:

  • Tablet won’t power on
  • Battery drains extremely quickly
  • iPad Mini shuts down even though your display shows there is still battery life left
  • Apple’s Battery Health feature notifies you that service is needed

If any of the above problems sound familiar, try the following troubleshooting tips or begin your search for iPad Mini battery repair services.

Troubleshooting a Dead iPad Mini Battery

Before opting for battery replacement, try extending your iPad Mini battery life with these power troubleshooting tips.

  • Enable Low Power Mode

Enable Low Power Mode when you’re on to go and don’t have access to a charge. Low Power Mode is Apple’s battery-saving feature that helps you to reduce the amount of battery you consume by limiting the capabilities of some of your iPad’s apps and features. This mode will remain on until you’re able to charge the iPad Mini to 80% or turn the tablet off entirely.

  • Check Battery Health

Apple rolled out an amazing Battery Health several years ago to help users understand batteries’ health inside their Apple devices’. If a battery requires replacement, Battery Health will show a notification saying it’s time for service. Check your iPad Mini battery health by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

  • Check Apps Draining Battery

Another way to save battery life is by analyzing your app usage and determining which apps are draining the most battery. Apple makes it simple to assess battery usage by day when you navigate to Settings > Battery. If any apps stick out to you as using a significant amount of battery, begin monitoring your time on that app or disable location services for that app. Also, ensure you’re force closing all apps when not used to avoid background activity that may also lead to battery loss.

How to Get Your iPad Air Battery Fixed Today

When you require iPad Mini battery replacement, you have many options, including DIY repair, Apple Care, or local repair services. While DIY battery repairs can save you money, tablet repairs are complex, and without experience, you may cause further damage to the device. If you have Apple Care, reach out to Apple for information and pricing on battery replacement. Unfortunately, this option may mean you’ll have to go several days without your device if there are not authorized repair options near you. Finally, you might consider a local repair service like CPR Cell Phone Repair. At CPR, we offer same day, local battery replacement for iPads of all generations from the iPad Mini 1 to the iPad Mini 5.

How much does iPad Mini battery replacement cost? Pricing on iPad Mini battery service varies based on the generation of iPad, quality of replacement battery, and where you take the tablet for repair. For a free quote on iPad Mini battery repair at CPR, contact a store near you today. For immediate service, please call to speak with a repair technician.

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iPad Mini Screen Replacement – Know Your Options!

The iPad Mini screen replacement doesn’t always arise due to broken glass from a fall. iPad Mini LCD repair might be needed because of water, temperature, or even pressure damage. No matter what’s at fault, you want screen replacement fast so that you can keep enjoying your iPad Mini. Read on to learn about repair services and the option to DIY.

Replacing an iPad Mini Screen – How Much Does it Cost?

Once you’ve broken or damaged the screen of your iPad Mini, you need to get it fixed. There are several repair options no matter where you are located: in store, mail-in, and DIY. The first two services are offered by almost every repair shop, but the iPad Mini screen repair cost will vary, along with a few other details. Here’s our quick comparison of your options, including a DIY kit:

  • Apple Store:

    The first place to start for any Apple repair is to check if your product is covered under warranty. Unfortunately, if your iPad Mini screen cracked due accidental damage, it’s not covered under the Standard Apple One Year Warranty. If you invested in AppleCare+, two incidents of accidental damage are covered with a mere $49 service fee. However, Apple out-of-warranty screen repairs will cost either $299 or $199 plus shipping depending which iPad Mini model you own.

  • Cell Phone Repair Store:

    With same day repairs, quality parts, and highly trained staff, Cell Phone Repair offers the best in iPad Mini repair services for screens and other common iPad Mini issues. The cost varies between stores and depending on which generation of iPad Mini you own, but you get a free repair estimate along with your diagnosis when you walk through the door. That way, the cost to fix a broken iPad Mini screen is never a surprise.

  • iPad Mini Screen Replacement Kit for DIY:

    A simple piece of iPad Mini replacement glass will cost around $15 while a complete kit with glass and LCD, tools, and instruction could cost up to $100.

Avoiding Broken iPad Mini Glass

An iPad Mini is a big investment, whether it’s for yourself or your whole family. To get the most out of that investment, it’s important to avoid having to fix a broken screen or any other part of the device. Here are two ways to protect your current or newly repaired iPad Mini screen:

iPad Mini Case:

You’ve probably seen someone on the bus or at work with something that looks a little like a leather notebook until they open it and reveal a tablet inside. That’s a device case, specifically designed to house, transport, and protect the electronic within. When closed, nothing can scratch the surface (or screen). A device in a case has a better chance of surviving a fall undamaged, being spilled on, etc. It’s the first and best line of defense for an iPad Mini.

iPad Mini Screen Protector:

The second line of defense is screen-specific. A tempered glass screen adds an extra layer to the most sensitive part of the iPad Mini. It reduces scratches, dings, and even helps prevent more serious fracturing. In addition, some screen protectors can help shed water or reduce sun glare as well, thus enhancing your device.

If you’ve already broken the screen of your iPad Mini, you need fast and reliable repair. That’s where Cell Phone Repair comes in. There are other service options, but none are as fast and reliable as CPR. The service and any replacement parts are even guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty.

That way, you can have peace of mind that your new iPad screen will last. You can even purchase an iPad Mini case or screen protector in a CPR store to further ensure that your device will continue giving you hours of entertainment and use in the future. Stop by a CPR location today!

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The Limited Lifetime Warranty

Issues Warranty

In addition to being able to repair nearly any small electronic gadget that comes through our doors, and being able to complete most repairs in less than two hours, we also guarantee the quality of our workmanship and the quality of our parts for a full 6 months!

What does it mean for you?

If, at any time during our limited lifetime warranty period, the original repair fails because of the quality of the part we installed or the workmanship in repairing the device, we will fix it for FREE. No questions asked. Can’t beat a guarantee like that!

All CPR Stores are independently owned and operated. As such, not all stores may offer the same warranty.