Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung’s Galaxy S2 features a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display that delivers vivid colors and battery preservation. Along with the vibrant display, the Galaxy 2 also offers lightening speed dual core application processor and an 8.9-millimeter design. As one might imagine, the Galaxy 2 is prone to screen damage due to its slim design. Don’t let a Samsung Galaxy S2 suffering from a cracked screen, a faulty battery, water damage, a broken camera, or another problem, put a damper on your productivity. Check out CPR Cell Phone Repair’s Samsung repair guides. Our technicians post step-by-step repair solutions to some of the most common Samsung Galaxy S2 issues.
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The Basics of Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Replacement

A cracked screen is a pretty common issue for Samsung Galaxy S2, aided by the fact that the phone is so slim and light. While the handset model may be bulkier than the most recent smartphones, it’s still easy to fumble. And fumbling leads to a fall. In other words, one of the best aesthetic phone features is one of the reasons it most often needs repair.

Another impressive feature is the Samsung Galaxy S2 screen size, but that feature can’t be enjoyed if the phone falls and the 4.3-inch screen fractures or the LCD below cracks. In either case, you’ll need a plan to get a new screen for your Samsung Galaxy. Develop your plan more easily by reading this screen replacement guide, including information about service costs and replacement parts.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Repair – How Much Does It Cost?

When it comes to our faithful electronic gadgets, some decisions are solely based on money. How much of a deal can I get on this? Can I get this cheaper elsewhere? Is there an alternative? With smartphone repair, it’s no different. How much is it to fix a Galaxy S2 screen?

The answer: the Galaxy S2 screen repair cost will vary depending on your method of repair and the damage to your specific device. Oftentimes, unless you have a warranty that covers physical damage, the manufacturer is the most expensive repair service for a broken screen. It’s typical for them to replace the entire device rather than the broken part, and that can run in the hundreds of dollars.

The screen replacement cost for Samsung Galaxy S2 is less if you opt for a third party service store or a DIY repair. But even with the least expensive option of figuring out a broken screen repair yourself, you will still be paying for parts. Read on about specific part cost.

Looking for Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Replacement Parts?

 Unless you have experience in the realm of electronics (and Samsung smartphones specifically, it’ll be difficult to ascertain exactly which parts may be necessary to replace. The type of phone damage or malfunction will give you clues, however. For instance, impact on the hard cement will typically shatter a Samsung S2 glass display (aka digitizer) as well as potentially breaking the LCD screen. And that camera lens that allows such high-quality pictures? It may have taken battle damage along with the rest. Does the trouble go deeper than the surface layers? Perhaps.

It’s highly recommended to seek a professional assessment of the necessary repairs beyond a new Samsung Galaxy S2 LCD screen. Cell Phone Repair is one of the nation’s leading electronic repair and replacement part providers, with over 100 stores across the country and in Canada. The most common replacement parts are always on hand to ensure the fastest turnaround time possible and to keep you in the digital loop! And best of all? Cracked screen repair by CPR technicians is almost as inexpensive as buying replacement parts yourself!

If you do decide to attempt a broken screen repair yourself, the easiest method to acquire the parts is by buying them online. There are even screen replacement kits and screen repair guides available for purchase from Amazon or Ebay. They range between $10 and $50, depending on if you only need replacement digitizer or the LCD display, tools, etc. The digitizer glass is fairly inexpensive ($5-10), but the LCD screen for Samsung Galaxy S2 is more costly ($40-80). Note that if you are buying the digitizer, be sure the package includes a new flex cable also.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Replacement Instructions (DIY Guide)

 Many models of smartphone require replacing both digitizer and LCD screen because they are so tightly adhered that attempting to part them ruins the LCD. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is built in this way, making it easier to replace both parts at once – which is also more expensive.

Be aware that this DIY repair is not ideal if you don’t have prior experience with electronic repairs. In fact, even the most experienced can easily slip and damaged the motherboard, LCD, flex cables, or other Samsung Galaxy parts. Thus, a DIY repair can turn out to cost more in the long run. And on top of the extra cost, opening up your phone yourself renders any existing warranty void.

If you still prefer to do it yourself (rather than considering a reliable Samsung Galaxy S2 repair service), follow these steps:

  1. Power off your device. It’s a good idea to layer packing tape over the screen to reduce further fracturing and danger to yourself during the repair.
  2. Pop off the back cover and remove the battery within. Also, remove the SIM and SD cards.
  3. Remove the seven visible screws on the rear housing. Then slowly ease the rear housing up with a plastic pry tool.
  4. Locate the two screws holding the motherboard in place. One sits in the upper left corner of the camera. The other rests to the right of the center of the battery pocket.
  5. Remove the six visible cables using the plastic pry tool.
  6. Release the side buttons which are roughly ⅓ of the way down the edge of the phone from the top.
  7. Gently separate the motherboard from the front housing. Set the motherboard aside.
  8. The LCD and digitizer remain, adhered. To separate, you must use a hot air gun or blow dryer to soften the adhesive around the edges and slowly pry apart. Note: Too much pressure or speed will cause the fragile LCD to crack.
  9. If you have a replacement LCD and digitizer, you will still need to use the heat to soften the adhesive with the frame. Do so carefully to prevent hurting yourself.

If you’d rather not risk your smartphone in a DIY repair or pay an exorbitant amount to replace your entire device, you can opt for Samsung Galaxy S2 screen replacement with Cell Phone Repair. CPR technicians offer a free estimate for all services and then guarantee the work with a limited lifetime warranty!

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The Limited Lifetime Warranty

Issues Warranty

In addition to being able to repair nearly any small electronic gadget that comes through our doors, and being able to complete most repairs in less than two hours, we also guarantee the quality of our workmanship and the quality of our parts for a full 6 months!

What does it mean for you?

If, at any time during our limited lifetime warranty period, the original repair fails because of the quality of the part we installed or the workmanship in repairing the device, we will fix it for FREE. No questions asked. Can’t beat a guarantee like that!

All CPR Stores are independently owned and operated. As such, not all stores may offer the same warranty.