Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Replacement Guide

Don’t know where to begin with Samsung Galaxy S5 screen replacement? After you’ve broken your glass display and/or the LCD beneath, figuring out an expedient repair becomes a priority. The best place to start is with consideration of your manufacturer; we’ve outlined that step below, as well as the options that come next.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Warranty

In the United States, Samsung promises a standard one-year warranty for all devices, including the Galaxy S5. And unlike Apple, the warranty includes one occurrence of accidental damage such as dropping your phone and cracking the screen. That means Galaxy S5 LCD replacement would be free at a Samsung store in the United States.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Replacement Cost

The cost for Samsung Galaxy S5 screen repair will depend on several factors, including the above-mentioned warranties that might be in place. It’s always best to contact a store that represents your device manufacturer first. In this case, that would be a certified Samsung dealer. Next, gather a few comparison costs for S5 glass repair at other locations. Here’s our comparison (out of warranty):

  • Official Samsung Store:

At Samsung locations in the U.S., you can have a warranty fulfilled or pay for the repair out of warranty, which will cost you around $149. If you opt to send in a repair request through the mail, the cost is the same but it will take a minimum of seven business days to complete.

  • Repairs Universe:

Third party repair services such as Repairs Universe are not always available for in-person repair. They will estimate your repair but may add to that estimate and potentially delay the return of your device. Samsung Galaxy glass repair starts at around $100.

  • CPR Cell Phone Repair:

CPR offers quick and affordable repair in store or through the mail. In store, the Galaxy S5 glass replacement could take as little as under an hour. The cost will vary by store, each of which may have different coupons and specials. You’ll also get a limited lifetime warranty on the replacement of your Galaxy S5 display.

How to Replace a Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen (DIY Guide)

Samsung Galaxy S5 DIY Screen Replacement

Replacing a Galaxy S5 display yourself can be tricky and result in further device damage. In addition, any prior warranty will be nullified. If it’s still your intention to try a DIY fix, take these steps:

  1. Power off the phone.
  2. Remove back plate using your fingernail (or a spudger if need be).
  3. Pop the battery out in the same way, using a fingernail or spudger.
  4. Press and then release the microSD and the SIM card to eject each.
  5. Pry up the midframe connector panel, then the home button connector cable.
  6. Using a heatgun on the lowest setting or a blow dryer, heat up the front face (the glass side). Wave the heat gun or dryer in circular motions a few inches from the phone to melt the adhesive that holds the glass in place. Be careful not to heat the phone up too much or you can damage the digitizer. If you start to see discoloration, cease heat immediately.
  7. Starting at the top and working your way around, separate the glass from the phone with a plastic spudger. Add heat when necessary. Gently loosen any connector cables adhered between the display and casing.
  8. Place plastic pics in the separated edges. Pry slowly or you could shatter the glass further. To protect yourself, you can wear safety goggles and layer a few pieces of packing tape over the screen to keep it together.
  9. Be careful not to lose the two touch buttons on the bottom of the phone. They need to be removed prior to lifting the glass.
  10. With the glass gone, you’ll be left with the adhesive residue on the digitizer. Clean with lens cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Do not press too hard.
  11. Press the new adhesive around the edges of the device or use LOCA glue. Gently place the new glass on the adhesive.
  12. Put the SIM card and battery back in place.
  13. Turn your device back on to test that everything is working properly. If it isn’t, seek help from a repair professional.

How to Protect Your Galaxy S5 Screen

If your screen breaks once, it’s bound to happen again, right? Wrong! Needing repair of any kind on your trusty Samsung Galaxy screen might be avoided completely through these methods:

  • Phone Case

Slipping your smartphone into a case means that it’s completely encompassed by a protective suit of technological armor. Whether leather, cloth, plastic, or a combination of these, a case can allow for better storage and transportation. Throwing your phone into a backpack or purse in its case is a lot less of a hazard from keys, hard impacts, etc.

  • Galaxy S5 Screen Protector

Some users become frustrated with the inconvenience of a phone case, having to unleash the device every time a text vibrates or a call rings through playing “Uptown Funk” in the middle of a crowd. Or, if your case simply surrounds the edges, having to worry about the exposed screen is still a problem. For those users, investing in a screen protector might be the way to go. It’s usually a plastic film or solid plastic shield that acts as an extra screen layer.

Experts from Phone Arena tend to recommend Spigen SLIM which boasts a 9H durability and no interference to touchscreen responsiveness. Of course, at $27.95 it’s a bit “Steep! But that’s Spigen for you.” If you want something a little bit less pricey, try the Tech Armor Ballistic Glass, which is described as “bubble-free with an easy install and perfect fit.”

Whether it’s time to administer CPR and repair your broken Samsung Galaxy S5 or you want to ensure that your phone is protected with the latest accessories, Cell Phone Repair technicians are a phone call away! There are also over 540+ store locations across the United States and Canada, ensuring convenience for a face-to-face conversation about your specific repair needs. Stop by for a free diagnosis and repair estimate today!

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