iPhone XR Power Button Repair

iphone xr power button imageIs your iPhone XR power button stuck or malfunctioning? iPhone XR power button issues can be irritating and prevent you from using basic functions like taking screenshots and turning off your device.

iPhone XR Power Button Not Working?

Broken power buttons happen for a variety of reasons including normal wear and tear and accidental drops. As internal components become loose or even break, connection failure may occur and impact buttons.

iPhone XR Power Button Tips

Before taking your iPhone XR to a CPR Cell Phone Repair store to be fixed, try the following iPhone power button tips.

  • Test the Battery

Sometimes iPhone users confuse a dead battery for a broken power button. To test the battery, charge your iPhone XR overnight. In the morning, test the power button again. If the iPhone still doesn’t power on, the issue is likely the power button.

  • Retrieve Valuable Data

Prior to having your iPhone XR fixed, be sure to retrieve any valuable data. To back up your device, plug it into your computer. After approximately five minutes, the iPhone may power on and enable you to transfer files and data.

Repair Your iPhone XR Power Button

While there are DIY repair kits to fix iPhone XR power button problems, we typically don’t recommend them for customers without a technical background. Not only can they be tricky, but by using them, you run the risk of further damaging your phone. The other problem with diagnosing and fixing your own power button is you may not be able to identify whether the real problem is the button or a faulty battery.

If you want an expert to perform your iPhone XR power button repair, contact your nearest CPR! We have years of experience fixing iPhones and can quickly diagnose and fix your device.

How much does an iPhone XR power button replacement cost? CPR offers free iPhone XR repair estimates. Find a store near you to request an estimate!

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