Simplified iPhone Water Damage Repair

iPhone Water Damage, repair needed.You’re at a friend’s Super Bowl party, chowing down on the best taco dip you have ever tasted without a care in the world except that your quarterback keeps throwing interceptions – you never liked that guy, despite wearing his jersey – when suddenly he throws a long pass to your favorite wide receiver. He’s wide open, jumps, reaches, and… TOUCHDOWN! You, of course, jump up and flail your arms open in victory. You’re about to do your touchdown dance when you notice that somewhere in the confusion you spilled your can of soda on your brand new iPhone. You need iPhone water damage repair, stat.

Your best buddy and team rival informs you that you should submerge it immediately in a bowl of rice. Time out! Rice may not be the best course of action to take. In fact, it could result in long-term damage to your phone that is just as bad as the soda.

What should you do for your water damaged iPhone? Read below.

Immediate Steps for iPhone Water Damage Repair:

  1. Retrieve your device if it has fallen into a body of water or other liquid. The longer or more continued the exposure, the more damage can occur. (Note: Do not touch a wet phone if it is plugged in and charging.)
  2. Whisk away the water on the external parts of the phone. A lint-free cloth is best, but any absorbent towel or cloth works. Avoid paper towel and napkin products. (Note: Do not press buttons or use fans or blow-dryers to attempt to dry the device, as each of these methods will force the water further into the phone.)
  3. If able, remove the battery, SIM card, and any external pieces attached to the phone.
  4. With the phone opened as far as possible without loosening screws, place it upside down on a towel to allow any internal liquid to drip out.
  5. You may also choose to use a vacuum extension to suck the liquid up. However, this should be done sparingly and at a distance of at least a few inches from the iPhone with water damage.
  6. Leave iPhone on the towel for as long as possible (recommended 24 hours), before using.


iPhone water damage repair in process.

Why Not Rice?

The circuitry inside any electronic device (and especially iPhones) is very delicate. Think of just how many capabilities are packed into something that fits in the palm of your hand or your back pocket. Boxed or bagged rice contains tiny particles that can find their way into the little crevices around keys, inside ports, or between the front and back casing.

Does rice work for water damaged iPhones? Yes, the rice acts as an absorbent, pulling the excess liquid from the device. However, it leaves behind those particles which can be just as disruptive (if not more disruptive) to your phone over time. Because of this, rice is not suggested to use on an iPhone with water damage.

Check The iPhone Water Damage Indicator:

An iPhone built after 2006 has a built-in iPhone water damage indicator, usually near the battery. The indicator is externally visible on all iPhone models on the edge of the device (either side or bottom). The iPhone 3, 3G, 4, and 4S have indicators on the bottom of the dock connector housing and in the headphone jack. The iPhone 5’s water damage indicator is on the inside of the nano-SIM card slot. It’ll turn from white to red when it comes into contact with water or a liquid containing water, such as soda.

Some Suggested Repair Services:

Apple Official Service

Neither the Apple One-Year Warranty nor the AppleCare Protection Plan cover water damage repair for iPhone. You can decide to replace your iPhone device for $60 to $180, depending on the model. Or, if you have AppleCare +, the repair won’t cost more than $79.

CPR Cell Phone Repair

CPR locations across the country carry a dehydration device that can help prevent water damage to an iPhone when it is brought in immediately for service. Expert technicians can point out the iPhone water damage indicator and inspect the device for other concerns. Best of all, the cost estimate of all iPhone repairs is free.

DIY With an iPhone Water Damage Repair Kit

If you feel confident about how to fix an iPhone with water damage, you might go beyond the above instructions to repair your device with a water damage repair kit. A kit costs between $30 and $40 and typically includes the instruments to open the device, cotton swabs and cloths to clean it, a replacement battery, a corrosion cleaning solution, and a repair video. It’s a less expensive service option, but there is greater risk to you and the iPhone. (Note: Opening the iPhone will void any existing warranty.)

Fixing an iPhone with water damage doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you fumble your phone into water or spill liquid over it during the game, take the immediate steps to reduce the risks, and then seek repair service from Cell Phone Repair. CPR technicians can bring your device back to life, rescue data, and replace any parts that may be damaged. All replacement parts and work done are under a limited lifetime warranty that ensures your continued happiness with your device. When accidents happen, CPR is here to help – contact us today!

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