iPhone SE Battery Replacement

As iPhoneSEs age, their batteries start to have problems holding a charge and lasting an entire day. There is nothing more frustrating than picking up your phone at noon to find that it only has 30% battery left. Thankfully, there is an easy fix to this problem. iPhone SE battery replacement requires a little bit of elbow grease and precision, but if done properly, you can have an iPhone SE with a brand new battery that lasts all day.iphone se battery image

You have a variety of options when it comes to replacing your iPhone SE battery. From professional technicians to do-it-yourself guides, you will be on your way to a new battery in no time. The experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair have created this iPhone SE battery replacement guide, so you know what your options are.  

iPhone SE Battery Replacement Cost

First things first, the iPhone SE battery price. If your iPhone SE is still under warranty through AppleCare, you’re in luck! Replacing the battery is covered under AppleCare, and it won’t cost you anything more than a trip to the Apple Store. If your iPhone isn’t under warranty and you didn’t extend AppleCare services, battery replacement from Apple costs $79.

But given how long the lines at an Apple Store can be, and if your idea of fun isn’t waiting in line for hours on end, you have other options. CPR Cell Phone Repair offers the most affordable iPhone SE battery replacement. Our expert technicians know exactly how to replace and iPhone SE battery quickly and efficiently. We even offer drop-off service, so you don’t have to wait around for your device. Most repairs can be turned around in 24 hours or less, so if you need an iPhone SE Battery find your local CPR Cell Phone Repair store today.

iPhone SE Battery Replacement Kit

If you want to try the do-it-yourself method, there are iPhone SE battery replacement kits, which are new to the market. You can find one on Amazon or from iFixit. The little kit comes with a new battery, battery adhesive strips, a Spudger, a pentalobe screwdriver, an opening tool, and a suction handle. The kit includes everything you need to replace your iPhone SE battery yourself. Most kits cost under $30, but you have to be careful when choosing the DIY method. Not using the proper caution could mean that you might accidentally damage your iPhone beyond repair, so go slowly and be careful. The professionals at CPR want to make sure you know exactly what to do, so here’s a DIY guide to help with the replacement.

How to Replace iPhone SE Battery – DIY Guideimage of white iphone SE

Replacing the iPhone SE battery is doable, but you have to be careful and move slowly. One wrong move could completely damage your phone. Before you start, make sure your battery is below 25% charged and power it off. This will prevent it from exploding or catching fire.

  1. Unscrew and remove both Pentalobe screws from the bottom of the phone. You will find them on each side of the charging port.
  2. Attach a suction cup with a ring to the iPhone screen. Make sure the cup is placed right above the Home button.
  3. Hold the device down with one hand and gently pull up on the suction cup, then take an opening tool, like a Spudger, and pull the edges of the back case down. Move from the bottom of the phone towards the right side, counter clockwise around the entire phone.
  4. Use extreme caution with this step. The screen is attached with clips, and there are ribbon cables that connect the screen to the rest of the device. Go slowly, so you don’t damage the wires. After the screen has been disconnected from the back case, remove the suction cup.
  5. Carefully open the device just enough to see the metal bracket that attaches the home button cable to the device.
  6. Gently pry up this bracket and remove the cable from the socket.
  7. When putting the phone back together, put this cable back in place and snap the bracket carefully back in place.
  8. Once this cable has been released, you can fully open the iPhone. Be careful to only open from the bottom up as the top part is still attached to the case with ribbon cables.
  9. You can only open the display up 90 degrees. After it is open, lean it against something to prop it open.
  10. Unscrew the Phillips #000 screws that hold the battery bracket connected to the logic board.
  11. Take out the connector and set it aside.
  12. Use the opening tool to remove the battery connector from the case.
  13. Do this very carefully to ensure that you do not destroy the logic board socket.
  14. Remove the four screws that are holding the front panel assembly cable bracket to the logic board and remove the bracket from the case.
  15. Make sure to keep track of what screws came from where so they are put back in the right place. Each screw is a different size and putting the wrong one in the wrong place can ruin the logic board.
  16. Using the opening tool, disconnect the sensor cable and the front facing camera as well as the LCD cable connector.
  17. Then disconnect the digital cable connector, and now you can set the disconnected screen down.
  18. Using the opening tool edge, unfold the battery adhesive and pull it away from the device. With the adhesive now exposed you must cut it in the middle of both white adhesive strips.
  19. Pull the strips away from the phone and stretch them with slow and consistent tension until they pull away from the phone.
  20. Do this same process for the second strip of adhesive.
  21. You can now remove the battery.
  22. Place a plastic card between the battery and the case on the left-hand side. This is critical as going from the right can hurt the logic board.
  23. Remove the battery, replace with a new one, and follow these steps in reverse.

If you are having iPhone SE battery issues, don’t worry! There is a fix out there that can end your battery problems and get your phone back to tip-top shape. Bring your device into CPR Cell Phone Repair today for a fast and affordable iPhone SE repair service!

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