iPhone Error 53 Explanation and Solutions

What is the iPhone Error 53?

iPhone error 53 has been making headlines over the past several weeks as it continues to stir up the Apple community. Error 53 on iPhone 6/6 Plus is caused by an interruption in the fingerprint scanner signal during the iTunes update or restore process.

iTunes will not permit a device to update or restore if the fingerprint scanner is not entirely functional. For purposes of the iPhone error 53, a device that has had its fingerprint scanner replaced does not have a functional fingerprint scanner. The reason being is that each fingerprint scanner has an IC chip that is paired with that specific motherboard.

Per media reports, Apple has released statements explaining that error 53 is an intentional security feature that is triggered in order to protect customer data that might be compromised in the event of hardware tampering. There appears to be an increase in reported errors, which may be due to the fact that Apple recently released an iOS software update and it is gradually being installed by iPhone users.

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When Does Error 53 Occur?

iPhone 6 generation devices that experience error 53 are rendered useless. Error 53 is unique to iOS 9.X and can be caused by any of the following:

  1. Replacement of a damaged home button with an unoriginal part;
  2. Inadvertent tearing of a home button flex cable during a repair or other damage to the fingerprint scanner; or
  3. Debris blocking the fingerprint scanner connections.

How We Recreated the Error

We were able to cause iTunes Error 53 by doing any one of the following things to iPhone 6 generation devices by updating the software on the devices to iOS 9.X and restoring the devices in iTunes:

  1. Removing the home button;
  2. Damaging the home button flex;
  3. Damaging the home button interconnect flex;
  4. Replacing the original home button with a different home button.

After encountering the error on a device that had a replacement home button installed, we re-installed its original, undamaged home button and restored the device in iTunes for a second time. The process completed without errors and the phone’s full functionality appears to be restored.

iPhone Error 53 Solutions

If an iPhone 6 device’s fingerprint scanner is replaced and is restored after iOS 9.X is installed, it WILL experience error 53. We recommend that you do not replace any fingerprint scanners at this time. The iPhone error 53 fix is a simple solution. By updating your iPhone’s hardware to the latest version, you may resolve error 53. For those who paid out of pocket to have their iPhone repaired, contact Apple directly for reimbursement and not third-party vendors.

To rid your iPhone of the dreadful error 53, our experienced technicians at CPR Cell Phone Repair are happy to advise you on the best plan of action. Find a CPR location near you or contact us online!

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