The Ultimate iPhone 6 Glass Replacement Guide

iphone 6 glass needing repairIt’s only a matter of time until your beloved iPhone hopelessly slips from your grip and smashes against the pavement, while leaving you with an ugly shattered screen. Your extended warranty has most likely expired, so now you’re faced with exploring the most effective options for replacing your cracked iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus glass.

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Glass Replacement Options:

Time is money, so stop paying for overpriced repairs and wasting valuable time on replacing your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus screen. By teaming up with CPR Cell Phone Repair to replace your shattered iPhone 6/6 Plus glass, you’ll regain your piece of mind knowing your “life” is being handled by experts in the electronic repair industry.

Why Not AppleCare+?

Taking a trip to the Apple Store may be your first call to action when faced with replacing your cracked iPhone screen. If speed and price are major driving factors, Apple “Care” may not be your best available option.

After owning your iPhone for over one year, your limited warranty that covers hardware repairs has officially expired. Even after your limited warranty expires, Apple’s 90 days of complimentary support does not include glass replacement costs, nor service fees and applicable tax. AppleCare+ does extend your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your phone, and they’ll also add up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage.

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Cell Phone Repair Vs Apple Store

At CPR Cell Phone Repair, the estimated repair price we provide you includes the parts and labor. That way you aren’t startled by hidden warranties, fees, and taxes like you’ll experience at the Apple Store. With Apple, you do have the ability to bring in your phone for an onsite repair or send it in, but regardless you’re looking at a turnaround time of 3-5 business days. Keep in mind, if your iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus) fails Apple’s calibration process, they’ll also charge you the full replacement price, which is currently $299 plus tax.

If Not CPR, Then Who?

Once your Apple warranty expires, there’s plenty of third-party repair “experts” that are dying to get their hands on your wounded devices. Before shipping your phone off to the island of misfit toys, there are several objectives that must be covered.

When deciding on a suitable repair company, research the following before committing:

  • What’s the cost? Remember, cheaper isn’t always better.
  • How long will repairs take?
  • Any type of warranties offered?
  • How qualified does the repair company appear to be?
  • Part quality?

CPR Is On Your Team

From hairline cracks to downright shattering your iPhone 6 glass, Cell Phone Repair makes it easy to get your life back on track by providing you quick and cost effective repairs all wrapped with a shiny new warranty. Neglecting screen cracks may be your first response, but over time they can lead to further damages resulting in dead spots, backlight malfunction, dark spots, and even discoloration.

The beauty of CPR Cell Phone Repair is we offer same day repairs, the ability to drop it off or mail it in, and free estimates by our specially trained staff with over 16 years of experience. So remember, if your device gets sick – CPR has a cure.

From Amazon to eBay you’ll easily resellers who claim to be experts at everything iPhone, but selecting a supplier that solely specializes in iPhone parts, while offering a spiffy new warranty is crucial. We’ve compiled the industries best DIY iPhone 6 glass replacement kits and what experts are recommending.

Best DIY Glass Replacement Kits for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

From Amazon to eBay, you’ll easily find resellers who claim to be experts at everything iPhone, but selecting a supplier that solely specializes in iPhone parts while offering a spiffy new warranty is crucial. We’ve compiled the industries best DIY iPhone 6 & 6 Plus screen replacement kits and what experts are recommending.

  1. iPhone 6 Glass Replacement DIY Repair Kitglass repair kit
    1. 6 – $109.99
    2. 6 Plus – $129.99
    3. Color: Black/Space Grey or White/Silver/Gold
    4. iCracked Is Building A Global Empire One Cracked Smartphone Screen At A Time.” – December 9, 2014 – Forbes
  2. iFixit – iPhone 6 Plus Display Assembly
    1. Price: $134.95
    2. “What iFixit doesn’t tell you is how fascinating it is to crack open this remarkable and densely packed little gadget, or the satisfaction of repairing your own stuff.” – Cnet
  3. If you prefer to buy individual parts over an entire DIY kit, we highly recommend Wholesale Gadget Parts. WGP carries over 27 different manufacturers along with accessories and closeout deals ensuring you receive the best parts, for the right price.

How to Replace Cracked iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Glass – A DIY Guide.

So you’ve decided to play doctor and replace your screen on your own. If you’re not a professional technician you can potentially risk further damage to your phone, therefore making your wallet shrink even more. If you already have your DIY kit in hand, proceed with caution and here are the guidelines on replacing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screen.

  1. Power Off Your iPhone 6/6 Plus
    1. Before operating on your phone, ensure it is completely powered down by pressing and holding the power button until you see the Slide to Power Off indicator. If it appears to be frozen – press and hold both the home and power button at the same time until it shuts down completely.
  2. Locate & Remove Dock Screws:
    1. On both sides of your Lightning Dock – or where you commonly plug in your phone to charge, you’ll notice two screws. Remove both screws using a TS1 (0.8mm) 5-point (pentalobe) screwdriver.
  3. Remove The Cracked Glass (7 Steps):
    1. Place your suction cup directly above the Home button – then gently pull up on the bottom of the display. Go slowly because there are cables at the top attaching the display to the logic board.
      1. Remember: if your iPhone 6/6 Plus’ screen is shattered to pieces; you will need to use a razor blade instead of the suction cup. Using the razor blade, precisely pry the bottom of the glass up just enough to get the flat end of your spudger tool underneath.
    2. Next we need to remove the cables, so open the screen to about 90 degrees and hold it steadily so the top right corner of the inside is accessible.iphone 6 open
    3. Remove the five screws located in the right hand corner and use a #000 Phillips screwdriver to do so. Do not mix these screws up because they’re different sizes and have specific destinations. Placing them in a similar pattern will help when you screw them back in.iphone 6 display shield screws
    4. Using your fingers or small tweezers – remove the display shield. Be mindful of the cables underneath.iphone 6 display flex bracket
    5. Four cables hold the display to the logic board – so remove the first two cables using the flat end of the spudger tool. Avoid prying at the board and only at the cables.iphone 6 inside phone expanded
    6. Once the first two cables are removed, you’ll now see a third cable. Remove this cable the same way you did previously.
    7. Underneath the third cable, you’ll see one cable remaining. Once you remove it the same way as previously, the display will be free.
  4. Transfer Touch ID (7 Steps)
    1. 1. Located on the back of your broken screen, you’ll need to remove the two screws on the Touch ID Shield. Do not mix these screws up.
    2. Remove the silver shied that holds the Touch ID in place.
    3. Remove the single cable connecting the Touch ID and Home button assembly using the pointed end of your spudger tool.iphone 6 home button connection annotated
    4. Slowly push the Home button from the front of the glass.
    5. Ensuring you place the entire Touch ID and Home Button assembly in the replacement display, and ensuring it’s lined up correctly is crucial.
    6. Attach the single cable holding Touch ID to the front assembly.
    7. Using the two screws to hold it in place, replace the silver shield.
  5. Installing The New Display (4 Steps):
    1. Attach the four cables on your new display assembly to the logic board of the iPhone, basically in reverse on how you removed them.
    2. Using your #000 Phillips screwdriver, replace the display shield and the five screws that secure it in place.
    3. Carefully align the top of the display to the indents in the frame and the grooves at the top of the screen.
    4. Starting at the top, slowly push down on the glass without using any force. If it doesn’t line up naturally, try again.
  6. Replacing Dock Screws:
    1. Replace the two screws on both sides of the Lightning Dock. They’re easily stripped, so do not screw them too tight.
  7. Testing Your New Glass:
    1. Power on your iPhone and if it went correctly, the Apple Logo should appear before your eyes.
    2. Once you’re booted back up, it’s time to test everything to ensure the operation was a success.
      1. By typing on the keyboard you’ll test for dead spots and see if there are any faults in the touch screen.
      2. When you make a call, the screen normally goes black once it’s pressed against your face. So make a test call to ensure this feature is functioning properly. While on that call, ensure you can hear out of the earpiece and that the speakerphone is working too.
      3. Add a new fingerprint to the Touch ID to verify that the Home button and the Test Touch ID are working.

If you’d like to avoid any more stress through disassembling or trying to figure out which DIY kit is reputable enough to get the job done, have no fear because CPR is here. Simply visit one of our many CPR stores for a free repair estimate from one of our certified technicians. To sweeten the deal, CPR ensures all work and new display parts are guaranteed under a limited lifetime warranty – bringing you and your devices back to life.

How To Protect Your iPhone

Running head first into a brick wall is never recommended, so why treat your iPhone any different? Start living stress-free by eliminating overpriced warranties and repairs by protecting your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. By investing in screen protectors, cases, and more you’ll extend the life of your devices and the amount of money that remains in your wallet.

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