Resolving iPhone 4s Battery Replacement Needs

iPhone 4s needing battery replacementSkype, rich graphics, and your favorite apps may sap your battery life quickly and leave you wondering if you need iPhone 4s battery replacement. It can be difficult to tell just what is causing battery drain (age, apps, or something else), but expert technicians can test your battery life and determine where the problem actually lies. Once the problem has been discovered, you will look for a solution for the problem. From Apple to a DIY step-by-step guide, we’ve covered the basic details of the 4s battery repair.

iPhone 4s Battery Life

An iPhone is designed to retain up to 80% of battery capacity at 500 charges. If you charge your device about once per day, that’s roughly one and a half years before your iPhone 4s battery life will see noticeable deterioration. If, however, it seems to be deteriorating faster than that or will not charge at all, Apple covers the battery replacement (for a defective battery) under the standard One-Year Warranty. If your iPhone battery has deteriorated but is out of warranty, there are several options available to fix it.

iPhone 4s Battery Replacement Cost

The 4s battery replacement price will vary quite considerably, depending on which of the service options you choose. Apple repair service will cost $79 if your device no longer has the battery warranty option. Other repair services such as RadioShack and Cell Phone Repair offer less expensive but just as reliable repair alternatives. The least expensive (but highest risk) option is self-service, i.e., DIY battery replacement.

And What About iPhone 4s Battery Replacement Services?

Official Apple Stores

Replacing your iPhone 4s battery may be for free if you are in warranty, or it may cost you up to $79 (plus shipping). Either way, getting Apple repair ensures that your existing warranty (if any) will not be voided. A repair may take up to three days in store or a few weeks through the mail.

RadioShack Service

iPhone battery replacement completed.You can pick up a “kit” at your local RadioShack starting at $59. You simply drop in your broken phone, the receipt, and a form with the requested service and mail it in for repair. You still have to pay for the shipping, and with an additional fee for “express service” you can guarantee the repair and return happen within 72 hours.

CPR Cell Phone Repair Service

There are over  hundreds of Cell Phone Repair stores across the country and Canada, prepared for providing the most common iPhone repair services including replacing the battery of iPhone 4s. Most repairs occur in-store the very same day that they are dropped off, giving customers the fastest turnaround possible. Price will vary on a case by case basis, but the cost will always be told to the customer prior to service.

iPhone 4s Battery Replacement Kit

Gone are the days of simple battery removal. On most devices, you can’t simply pop open the back and pluck out the battery any more. Instead, the iPhone 4s battery removal requires specific tools and a more intrusive repair. If you decide to replace the iPhone battery on your own, you can purchase a replacement kit online that include the battery and all necessary tools and instruction. Some even come with a video guide.

How to Replace iPhone 4s Battery (A DIY Guide)

in the process of replacing iphone battery
Replacing the battery of iPhone 4s is not as tricky as with the newer iPhone models. However, it’s still not recommended to attempt if you have no prior knowledge of technology repair. The process can be dangerous without the correct tools and patience, not to mention that it can damage your device further and even void an existing iPhone 4s battery warranty.

Perform these steps at your own risk:

  1. Power off your device.
  2. Remove the two pentalobe screws near the Lightning connector.
  3. Slide the rear panel toward the top edge of the phone. It will shift 2 mm or so.
  4. Gently pull the rear panel away from rest of the device, careful not to break the small clips that were holding it in place.
  5. Locate the silver iPhone 4s battery connector panel toward the bottom left of the battery. Unscrew the two screws attaching it to the logic board (and pay attention to where each individual screw goes).
  6. Use a plastic opening tool to gently pry up the battery connector. Start from the bottom edge and be sure that the connector is removed vertically. Attempting to force it sideways could break it.
  7. Use the plastic opening tool to detach the pressure contact beneath the battery connector panel. (Do not touch the pressure contact, as the oils from your fingers can create wireless interference. Also be sure to avoid pulling up the battery connector socket that is soldered into the device at four points.)
  8. Insert the plastic tool beneath the bottom right side of the battery and gently pry up, working your way up the length of the battery until it is free from the adhesive.
  9. Pull slowly and smoothly on the clear plastic pull tab until your battery detaches and comes free. If it does not come free, you can use the plastic opening tool. But be warned that doing so in the wrong place may permanently damage the logic board.
  10. Replace the old battery with a new battery, and follow steps in reverse order until the phone is back together. Power on your device and voila!

For the cheapest iPhone 4s battery repair, you might decide to follow the step by step guide above. But CPR is a great place to start prior to making any decisions. When you walk into a Cell Phone Repair store, you can get a free estimate for any iPhone 4s repair task.

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