iPad Mini Screen Replacement – Know Your Options!

image of iPad Mini Cracked Screen The iPad Mini screen replacement doesn’t always arise due to broken glass from a fall. iPad Mini LCD repair might be needed because of water, temperature, or even pressure damage.

No matter what’s at fault, you want screen replacement fast so that you can keep enjoying your iPad Mini. Read on to learn about repair services and the option to DIY.

Replacing iPad Mini Screen – How Much Does it Cost?

Once you’ve broken or damaged the screen of your iPad Mini, you need to get it fixed. There are several repair options no matter where you are located: in store, mail-in, and DIY. The first two services are offered by almost every repair shop, but the iPad Mini screen repair cost will vary, along with a few other details. Here’s our quick comparison of your options, including a DIY kit:

  • Apple Store:

    The first place to start for any Apple repair need is to check if your product is covered under warranty. Unfortunately, if your iPad Mini screen cracked due accidental damage, it’s not covered under the Standard Apple One Year Warranty. If you invested in AppleCare+, two incidents of accidental damage are covered with a mere $49 service fee. However, it’ll cost you $199 plus shipping out of warranty for a replacement iPad Mini that will arrive in 3-5 business days.

  • iResQ:

    Unlike Apple stores, iResQ offers a free diagnosis and repair estimate. Generally, iPad Mini broken glass and digitizer repair will cost approximately $100.

  • Cell Phone Repair Store:

    With same day repairs, quality parts, and highly trained staff, Cell Phone Repair offers the best in iPad Mini repair services (for screens and other parts). The cost varies a little between stores, but you get a free repair estimate along with your diagnosis when you walk through the door. That way, the cost to fix a broken iPad Mini screen is never a surprise.

  • iPad Mini Screen Replacement Kit for DIY:

    A simple piece of iPad Mini replacement glass will cost around $15 while a complete kit with glass and LCD, tools, and instruction could cost up to $100.

How to Replace the iPad Mini Screen: A DIY Guide

image of ipad mini screen
A DIY repair of broken iPad Mini glass can be dangerous, time-consuming, and potentially further damage your device. As soon as you loosen the first screw, any previous warranty is rendered void.

That being said, DIY repair may be the cheapest or most convenient option for you. Follow these steps to attempt a DIY iPad Mini glass repair at your own risk:

  1. The cracked iPad Mini screen is held on by nothing but adhesive. To remove it, you must use a heat gun (or blow dryer) to soften the adhesive. Move the heat gun in circular motions approximately one inch above the device on the edges, being careful not to hover over one area.
  2. Begin prying the screen upward with a plastic prying tool by inserting it between the digitizer and the iPad Mini frame. If the tool does not insert, the adhesive must be softened further. Pry your way around the screen. When using the heat gun and prying, it’s important to note a few sensitive areas to avoid:
  • Cellular antenna (about one inch on either side of the camera)
  • Power button cable (on the topmost part of the right side of the iPad)
  • Wifi antenna (just to the right of the home button on the bottom)
  1. Once one section is raised, leave a plastic pry tool between the digitizer and frame and move on to the next section/side of the iPad until the screen is loose.
  2. Open the digitizer from the top. The bottom will stay connected.
  3. Using a pry tool around each edge to loosen the adhesive, lift the LCD. Note: It will still be connected by the LCD cable which should be likewise gently lifted (to break the adhesive to the device).
  4. The LCD is now free from the case, aside from the digitizer cable. If the LCD is broken, you will have to remove the cable and get beneath the LCD shield plate. Note: This will require removing the battery and 15 screws.
  5. Clean out the iPad Mini frame of leftover glass and adhesive. Use the heat gun again if necessary to soften any leftover adhesive.
  6. Apply new adhesive strips to the edges of the new digitizer glass. Be sure not to cover components around the home button, etc.
  7. Lay the LCD carefully back in place and secure with the adhesive.
  8. Power on your device to test the touch capability and make sure everything is working correctly.

Avoiding Broken iPad Mini Glass

An iPad Mini is a big investment, whether it’s for yourself or your whole family. To get the most out of that investment, it’s important to avoid having to fix a broken screen or any other part of the device. Here are two ways to protect your current or newly repaired iPad Mini screen:

iPad Mini Case:

You’ve probably seen someone on the bus or at work with something that looks a little like a leather notebook until they open it and reveal a tablet inside. That’s a device case, specifically designed to house, transport, and protect the electronic within. When closed, nothing can scratch the surface (or screen). A device in a case has a better chance of surviving a fall undamaged, being spilled on, etc. It’s the first and best line of defense for an iPad Mini.

iPad Mini Screen Protector:

The second line of defense is screen-specific. A plastic or glass screen cover adds an extra layer to the most sensitive part of the iPad Mini. It reduces scratches, dings, and even helps prevent more serious fracturing. In addition, some screen protectors can help shed water or reduce sun glare as well, thus enhancing your device.

If you’ve already broken the screen of your iPad Mini, you need fast and reliable repair. That’s where Cell Phone Repair comes in. There are other service options, but none are as fast and reliable as CPR. The service and any replacement parts are even guaranteed with a 6-month warranty.

That way, you can have peace of mind that your new iPad screen will last. You can even purchase an iPad Mini case or screen protector in a CPR store to further ensure that your device will continue giving you hours of entertainment and use in the future. Stop by a CPR location today!

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