iPad 3 Screen Replacement – The Complete Guide!

The iPad 3 debuted in mid-2012 and was discontinued after only 6 months, being replaced by the 4th generation of the same Apple tablet. And like all other tablets, one of the biggest complaints and most common user issues revolves around iPad 3 screen replacement. With a thin, light-weight device, accidents do happen, and the fragile screen takes the brunt of the damage. From shattering to scratches, the iPad 3 has seen its fair share of physical hardship.

But physical damage and deterioration is not the only reason to replace your iPad 3 broken screen. In fact, there are several problems that can crop up, each with their own unique manifestation, cause, and troubleshooting.

screen of iPad 3 being replacedMost Common iPad 3 Screen Problems

White Screen –

  • Problem: The iPad 3 screen turns white during standby mode, when waking up, switching apps, etc. and cannot be started up again.
  • Troubleshooting: Hold the sleep and home buttons down until the Apple logo appears. This will reset the device. Also, make sure that the charge is above 20%. If neither of these works, you may need to have the firmware reinstalled or get your iPad screen replaced.

Yellow Screen –

  • Problem: Has your iPad display taken on a yellow tint that makes text difficult to read and distorts photos and other content? iPad 3 yellow screen may be due to viewing at a larger angle from straight on rather than any broken or malfunctioning part.
  • Troubleshooting: There’s not much you can do to troubleshoot, as this is just a quality observed in the product. However, it’s been reported that it’s a “chemical phenomenon” in new iOS devices (not just the iPad 3) that corrects itself over time. It’s undetermined whether or not this is true of all cases.

Green Screen –

  • Problem: iPad screen issues are sometimes due to simple hardware malfunction. One of the biggest appearances of hardware failure is when the screen becomes a fuzzy green hue.
  • Troubleshooting: Apple can replace your device, possibly for hundreds of dollars, or you can try something a little outside the box. Users have noted that “knocking” or smacking the iPad 3 on its back instantly restores the proper display color. The best way to do this is by laying the device screen down on a soft surface and softly striking the top right side of the tablet’s rear casing. Note: To attempt this fix, you take responsibility for any further damage to your device.

iPad 3 Screen Replacement OEM

In the case of physical damage or part malfunction, it’s always best to repair an iPad 3 screen with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) glass/digitizer and LCD. Carrying out repair of a cracked iPad 3 screen with non-Apple parts could mean more damage down the road. Other glass replacement options may “peel” up or even break more easily. You can recognize OEM glass by its quality, as well as its origin. Only Apple stores sell Apple parts. Anywhere else sells copycat parts which may or may not last. If someone has sold you a device and claimed that the screen is OEM, you can try a water test. Drip about a quarter-sized spot of water onto the screen and tilt the device, allowing the water to roll across the screen. If it stays together in one glob, then the screen is said to be an OEM part. Note: The water test is a theory, not verified by Apple.

iPad 3 Screen Replacement Cost

Repair by Apple Store

There is a two-week return period for new devices purchased from an Apple certified dealer. Usually, Apple stores are pretty good about replacing your entire tablet for free if you are within warranty and seeing a hardware issue like the screen turning white. However, unless you have Apple Care +, physical damage is not covered by your warranty. And even with the extra coverage, only two incidents are covered, and each incident will cost you $79. Otherwise, you’ll be paying from $400 to over $700 for a replacement iPad 3.

Repair by CPR

Cell Phone Repair stores are dedicated to finding a resolution for everyone who walks through the door with an electronic repair need, including iPad 3 digitizer replacement or an iPad 3 cracked screen. Each store carries the most common parts in stock to ensure the quickest repair possible. The exact cost of iPad 3 screen repairs may vary, but you are guaranteed an estimate prior to agreeing to repair services. (You can check the cost of iPad 2 screen repairs here to have a better idea.) In addition, every service is carried out by a qualified technician and given a 6-month warranty on parts and labor.

iPad 3 Screen Replacement Kit

screen of iPad 3 after repairThe final option for iPad 3rd generation screen replacement is attempting to DIY, and for that you’ll need a replacement kit. Typically, a kit will include the replacement digitizer (ie the glass) and all of the tools necessary to carry out the repair, from a spudger to an adhesive. Prices will vary depending on where you purchase the kit and what else it includes, from a new home button to an LCD screen. On Amazon, the screen replacement kit for iPad 3 might cost $15-70 while on Ebay it could cost around $25 for the LCD replacement alone.

How to Replace iPad 3 Screen – DIY Instructions

If you decide to figure out how to change glass on an iPad 3, a good place to start is with a kit like those mentioned above. The next step is finding a trusted source for step by step DIY instructions. Because this is a complex repair, we strongly advocate against replacing the iPad screen on your own, unless you have prior experience. Even simply replacing the glass can damage the more expensive LCD below. Not to mention that it negates any prior warranty.

However, if you are set on attempting DIY repair, a great source for iPad screen replacement instructions can be found on iFixit.

Cell Phone Repair is not only affordable and fast, but it’s also safer and includes a more long-term investment than DIY repair or other service options. No matter your problem – white screen, tinted display, or broken glass – CPR can give you quality iPad 3 screen replacement with peace of mind.

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