iPad 3 Battery Replacement – All You Need to Know About it !

ipad 3 battery replacementiPad 3 battery replacement often stems from normal wear as your tablet ages. But what if your device is new or hasn’t been used as often? Surprisingly, lack of use can affect the battery just as much, like failing to exercise a muscle.

If you’re encountering iPad 3 battery problems, continue reading to understand more and figure out how to get the repair service that’s right for you.

iPad 3 Battery Problems

Since the advent of the first iPad, Apple tablets have had a bit of a problem with battery complaints. Some of the complaints are due to users simply not realizing how much battery they utilize by streaming online television or playing high-graphic games. Other complaints are more grounded in the seemingly short battery life. Here are the top problems for the iPad 3 battery:

General Care

According to the Apple website, general care habits can greatly impact battery performance. For instance, when charging, it’s best to remove the iPad 3 case and allow to charge from empty. When storing (especially for long periods), it’s best to have the battery at a half charge state and keep the device in a temperature-controlled environment. High or low temperatures can stress the battery, causing it to weaken.


“The first iPad had a dangerous overcharging issue,” cited by Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate. He and others found that “the battery charge indicator shows 100% charged, the battery keeps on charging. The repercussions for users could be dire as a battery could explode.” As of yet, this has not been proven to be a problem for the iPad 3, but it’s definitely something to watch out for; take the precaution of unplugging your device when it becomes fully charged.

iPad 3 Battery Replacement Cost

The first route of replacing the iPad 3 battery is to check if your tablet is under any warranty. If not, you’ll want to do a little research to figure out which repair service is the best option for you. We’ve outlined some of the best choices for you to consider.

Apple Store

Apple will only replace your battery if the problems you encounter are due to normal wear or factory defect and you are within the One Year Warranty. So if you spill liquid on your tablet or encounter deteriorated battery life outside of the first year, you’re out of luck and have to hand over around $100 plus shipping for a replacement device.

B+B Repair Service

Third-party repair services such as B+B will give you a replacement battery and install it for you at a lower cost than Apple, usually around $80. It’ll also often take less time, perhaps a single day versus several when sending your device into Apple.

Cell Phone Repair

With more than 250 locations across the United States and Canada, CPR is a convenient option for fast and affordable iPad 3 repairs. It’s difficult to quote a cost because battery damage could be due to many things that might indicate further phone issue. However, you can walk into a store or visit online for a free estimate.

How to Replace Your iPad 3 Battery (A DIY Guide)

iPad 3 Battery Replacement demonstrationFor those who prefer taking a hands-on approach to solving technological issues, replacing your iPad 3 battery on your own might be the right choice. However, it should be noted that DIY tablet repair is dangerous to both you and your device. If you end up damaging your device further, you’ll be out of warranty and have to pay even more for repair.

Still set on DIY iPad 3 battery replacement?  Follow the steps below:

  1. The iPad 3 screen is held on by adhesive. To remove it, use a heat gun (or blow dryer) to soften the adhesive around the edges. Patiently move the heat gun in circular motions one inch above the device, being careful not to hover over one area too long.
  2. Begin prying the screen upward with a plastic prying tool (or spudger) by inserting it between the digitizer and the iPad 3 frame bezel. If the tool does not insert, continue to heat until the adhesive has been softened enough to insert the prying tool. Work your way around the screen doing this. There are a few areas on the iPad 3 that are more prone to breaking than others:
  • Digitizer cable (on the lower left side)
  • Wifi antenna (just to the right of the home button on the bottom)
  1. Once one section is raised, leave a plastic pry tool between the digitizer and frame and move on to the next section/side of the iPad 3 until the screen is loose.
  2. Open the digitizer from the right side, as if you are opening a book cover. The left side will stay connected via the digitizer cable.
  3. Remove the four screws on the corners of the LCD display. Using a pry tool on the right, gently lift the LCD. Note: It will still be connected by the LCD cable which should be likewise gently lifted (to break the adhesive to the device) and lay it down on the front panel.
  4. Locate the clasp holding the LCD cable in place. Use the pry tool to pop it out of the socket. Then place the fully detached LCD screen somewhere safe.
  5. Locate the digitizer cable (holding the screen on) and its socket. Lift the two clasps holding the cable in the socket. Back the cable out of the socket and set aside the entire digitizer screen.
  6. Locate the audio jack. Lift the flap and disconnect it.
  7. Locate the control board cable. Flip up the retainer (a metal bar) and disconnect it.
  8. Remove the seven screws holding the logic board in place. There will be a small bracket that comes loose. Set that aside.
  9. Locate the charging dock port. Peel up the black tape holding it in place and remove it.
  10. Use the prying tool to carefully disconnect the speaker and then to disconnect motherboard. Either may be held by adhesive to pry gently and take your time. Also, the wifi antenna will still be connected. Once the motherboard is loose, disconnect the antenna and remove motherboard completely.
  11. Use the heat gun to warm the back of the iPad (as the battery will be thoroughly glued into the back housing). Slowly pry the battery up as the adhesive loosens. Remove battery.
  12. Reconnect the new battery and all components in reverse. Apply new adhesive where necessary.

How to Extend the life of your iPad 3 Battery?

Once you have the battery of your iPad 3 replaced, you don’t want it to drain too fast. Here are some preventive measures that can help you extend the iPad 3 battery life:

  • Make sure you update your device with the latest software.
  • Turn off wifi and cellular data when not in use. Searching for these connections is a constant drain on the iPad battery life.
  • Reduce or eliminate data fetching. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and choose “manually” or “hourly” to reduce the battery drain from things like email updates.
  • Keep your iPad 3 away from extreme temperatures that might stress the battery. Remove the case before charging to ensure that there is adequate airflow around the heated device.
  • Select “Auto Brightness” or reduce screen brightness in general. Amazingly, the screen makes up the majority of the battery drain on iPad models. For that reason, avoid bright or dynamic graphics when you want your battery to last longer.
  • Do away with location services, as they are both a battery drain and a security risk.

With these tips on hand, you will be equipped to handle the job. Replacing the iPad 3 battery without any kinks requires a steady hand and experience, so if you are not familiar or don’t feel comfortable with these steps don’t attempt to do this on your own. Instead, find the nearest CPR store, and let our expert technicians fix your iPad today!

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