iPad 2 Battery Replacement Options

iPad 2, battery replacement needed.You’re on your lunch break which, of course, means that you are catching up on Game of Thrones. Your eyes have been glued to your iPad 2 screen all day: at the breakfast table, on the bus, you name it. You have essentially adopted binge watching Hulu and Netflix as a secondary hobby. And so when your iPad 2 battery dies, you feel lost.

You could have sworn that you charged your battery overnight, and it’s only been on for a couple of hours today. Why is the battery dead already? It might be due to age or manufacturing error. Whatever the cause, one thing is for sure – you need iPad 2 battery replacement asap so that this never happens again!

iPad 2 Battery Life

The average iPad 2 battery life is roughly 10 hours. However, this estimate may differ depending on the type of use (video, playing games, surfing the web, or standby mode). It is considered to have the best battery capacity of the current iPad series and has been tested at over 7 hours when on maximum brightness, full wifi connection, and constant video playback.

But like all batteries, it can eventually begin to wear out. It may also become faulty from accidental damage or having been replaced incorrectly previously. If you are having charging issues, check your charging port and cable to ensure a connection. If you are troubled with a short battery life, here are a few tips on how to save battery on iPad 2:

  • If you don’t need them, turn off wifi and cellular data. Searching for these connections is a constant drain on iPad 2 battery life.
  • Turn off or decrease data fetching. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and choose “manually” or “hourly” to reduce the battery drain.
  • Turn off push notifications.
  • Decrease screen brightness or select “Auto Brightness” to allow the iPad to sense the appropriate level.
  • Turn off location services.
  • Avoid heavy graphics.
  • Keep your iPad 2 out of extreme temperatures that might stress the battery. Remove the case before charging to ensure adequate ventilation.

iPad 2 Battery Replacement Service Options

If you have tried all of the tricks and tips to improve your iPad 2 battery performance, it might be time for a brand new battery. Thankfully, there are a few different service options that you can consider to find the best iPad 2 battery replacement cost and timeline.

Apple Store

Apple has rated the iPad 2 battery at 1,000 cycles which constitutes around 3 years. Once it has diminished, Apple claims that it will swap out your entire iPad for only $99.

And what about Apple service cost?
As stated above, Apple has presented an opportunity to trade out your old iPad 2 for an acceptable fee. But what if your iPad 2 isn’t old? If it is still in the one year limited warranty period, you can get a free iPad 2 battery (or, in some cases, device) replacement. More often the warranty is expired or void because of accidental damage that isn’t covered. In this case, the cost will be over the $100 mark.

CPR Cell Phone Repair

Replacing your iPad 2 battery with CPR is short, sweet, and tailored to your needs. You can bring your device into a CPR location near you for a free assessment. Then, you can choose to:
A) get the iPad 2 battery replaced by CPR expert technicians.
B) sell or trade in your iPad.

And what about CPR service cost ?
When you get an iPad 2 repair assessment from Cell Phone Repair, you will also get an estimate of the battery replacement cost. From there, you are a day or less away from having your device back in your hands and working like new! Best of all, all parts and services will be covered under our limited lifetime warranty at no extra charge.
iPad 2 battery replacement in process.

iPad 2 Battery Replacement Instructions (DIY Guide)

This guide will walk you through how to remove a battery from iPad 2. If you have never performed a DIY tech repair before, we suggest you start with another device as iPads can be tricky. Also, note that you are taking full responsibility for damage when you open your device. Apple and other warranties may no longer exist. That being said, DIY iPad 2 battery replacement cost will be the smallest through a DIY repair, as you only have to pay for the battery and not service.


If you feel confident to DIY, follow these steps:

  1. The iPad 2 screen is held on with nothing but adhesive. To remove it, you must use a heat gun (or blow dryer) to soften the adhesive around the edges. Be extremely careful and patient as you do this. Move the heat gun in circular motions approximately one inch above the device, be sure not to hover over one area too long. While using the heat gun to melt the adhesive, begin prying the screen upward with a plastic prying tool (or spudger) by inserting it between the digitizer and the iPad frame. If the tool does not insert, continue to use the heat tool until the adhesive has been softened enough to insert the prying tool. Work your way around the screen doing this. There are a few areas on the iPad 2 that are more prone to breakage than others, these include:
    • Cellular antenna (about one inch on either side of the camera)
    • Power button cable (on the topmost part of the right side of the iPad)
    • Wifi antenna (just to the right of the home button on the bottom)
  2. Once one section is raised, leave a plastic pry tool between the digitizer and frame and move on to the next section/side of the iPad until the screen is loose.
  3. Open the digitizer from the right side, as if you are opening a book cover. The left side will stay connected.
  4. Remove the four screws on the corners of the LCD display. Using a pry tool on the right, gently lift the LCD. Note: It will still be connected by the LCD cable which should be likewise gently lifted (to break the adhesive to the device).
  5. Locate the clasp holding the LCD cable in place. Use the pry tool to pop it out of the socket. Then place the fully detached LCD screen somewhere safe.
  6. Locate the digitizer cable (holding the screen on) and its socket. Lift the two clasps holding the cable in the socket. Back the cable out of the socket and set aside the entire digitizer screen.
  7. Locate the audio jack. Lift the flap and disconnect it.
  8. Locate the control board cable. Flip up the retainer (a metal bar) and disconnect it.
  9. Remove the five screws holding the motherboard in place. There will be a small bracket that comes loose. Set that aside.
  10. Locate the charging dock port. Peel up the black tape holding it in place and remove it.
  11. Use the prying tool to carefully disconnect the speaker and then to disconnect motherboard. Either may be held by adhesive to pry gently and take your time. Also, the wifi antenna will still be connected. Once the motherboard is loose, disconnect the antenna and remove motherboard completely.
  12. Use a heat gun to warm the back of the iPad (as the battery will be thoroughly glued into the back housing). Slowly pry the battery up as the adhesive loosens. Remove battery.
  13. Reconnect the new battery and all components in reverse.
  14. Apply new adhesive strips to the edges of the old digitizer. Be sure not to cover components around the home button, etc. And don’t pull off the adhesive strip backing just yet.
  15. Attach the digitizer assembly by inserting the two ends of the digitizer cable back into the appropriate socket. Part of the cable will be tucked under the metal frame so that the cable is pushed in all of the way. Then, attach the clamps holding the cable in place.
  16. Carefully reattach the LCD assembly in the same way.
  17. Lay the LCD carefully back in place and secure with the four component screws.
  18. Power on your device to test the touch capability and make sure everything is working correctly. Power off again.
  19. Remove the adhesive strip backing and carefully replace and secure the new digitizer.
  20. Now that you have all the facts it’s your turn to choose what the best course of action is for your iPad 2 battery replacement. Whether you choose to pay for repairs at the Apple store, a CPR location or go the DIY route, we hope your iPad is up and running again soon!

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