Cell Phone Problems: Signs Your Phone Needs Help & When To Bring It In For Repair

Man looking at his smartphone in frustration having cell phone problems

So, you’ve been having cell phone problems lately?

We know how frustrating cell phone problems can be! Phones are like any other technology and are bound to have issues. Knowing how to fix them or when to bring them in for repair, that’s the next step. Here we will detail some of the most common phone problems and at-home solutions for fixing your device. If your problem persists, you should call a professional to diagnose and repair major damage in no time.

  • The phone is functioning slowly or not connecting to your network at all: Pop out the battery to reset the connection. Take it out without turning the phone off to the count of ten, then replace the battery and turn it back on. Your phone should now be running smoothly.
  • The phone is not charging: Clean the charging port with a small duster.
  • Camera is not working for pictures or video: Pop out the battery to reset the device. Once you turn it back on, ensure you have installed all the latest updates to the operating system.
  • Battery is dying quickly: You may need a new battery, especially if the one you are using is getting very hot and shutting the phone down. This could also mean you are simply running too many apps. Going through and shutting down apps that aren’t necessary is an easy way to save battery life.

These are relatively straightforward, common problems for smartphone users to have. If you are coming across these problems and simple solutions are not working, it might be time to consult a professional as the problems could be hardware or software-related as well.

On the other hand, sometimes more serious problems arise. Water damage, screen cracks, and even keyboard issues can sometimes point to more serious problems within your phone. Should you come across these types of problems, we recommend taking your phone in to be assessed and, hopefully, repaired.

CPR offers assessment and repair services for most software and hardware problems. Each location is home to Gadget Tech, a team of highly specialized repair technicians equipped with skills and tools to assess and fix your phone. Should it be beyond the point of repair, they can also provide access to a new or refurbished replacement phone. So, if your phone is not working at top performance, consider bringing it into your local CPR location, today!

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