Motherboard Repair in Buford

The motherboard is the “brains” of your gadget and controls the ins and outs of your phone, tablet, or computer. From simple tasks to complex inner workings, the logic board is in charge of it all. If you suspect your device’s issues may be the result of a faulty motherboard, consider opting for a professional motherboard repair. Done correctly, a circuit board repair is often all it takes to restore your gadget to working like new again. To get started, contact CPR Buford to learn about our motherboard repair services.


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Micro Soldering Repairs at Buford

A successful mainboard repair typically requires micro soldering. During this process, a skilled repair technician uses heat and tools to carefully correct the smallest components of your motherboard. This process is quite difficult, and it’s not uncommon for beginner technicians to further damage a device. When it comes to micro soldering, leave it to the experts at CPR Buford. We have the skillset to handle PCB soldering and correct botched repairs for a variety of smart devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops to ensure your motherboard repair is successful.

CPR Buford repair technicians are ready to help repair your tablet’s control board so you can get back to business, fast. Our specialists are equipped to handle tablet motherboard repair services for a variety of makes and models including:

damaged galaxy tablet needing repair
Samsung Galaxy
damaged microsoft tablet
Microsoft Surface
broken google nexus needing fixed
Google Nexus
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Looking for an iPad logic board repair to get things back up to speed? The tech experts at CPR Buford are ready to help with repair services for a variety of models including:

white ipad needing repair services
iPad Series 1-4
ipad mini needing repair
iPad Mini
golden ipad air waiting for repair
iPad Air
ipad pro needing repair
iPad Pro
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Your iPhone’s logic board ensures your phone runs quickly and smoothly. If your iPhone isn’t working as it should, CPR Buford technicians are skilled in iPhone logic board repair services for the:

damaged iphone x awaiting repair
iPhone X
gold iphone 8 needing fixed
iPhone 8/8 Plus
red iphone 7 needing fixed
iPhone 7/7 Plus
iphone 6 series needing fixed
iPhone 6/6s
iphone 5 series needing fixed
iPhone 5/5s/5c
upside down iphone se needing repaired
iPhone SE
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Motherboard failure, what does it mean for you?

From accidental water damage to minor falls or drops, it’s easy to damage a motherboard. A broken circuit board can be the culprit of many problems you may be experiencing with your phone, computer or tablet including, but not limited to:

  1. Charging issues
  2. “No Service” errors
  3. Trouble powering on or staying on
  4. Camera malfunctions
  5. Displaying a white or black screen
  6. Audio issues


Whether your devices’ issues are the result of accidental damage or you aren’t sure of the cause, the technicians at CPR Buford can help uncover any underlying motherboard damage and more.

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Why Choose CPR Buford to Fix Broken Motherboards

For smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops, CPR Buford is proud to be Buford‘s local motherboard repair source.


Best Quality and Price in the Business

Motherboard repairs are not a novice task! At CPR Buford, our technicians understand the ins and outs of your favorite smart devices and are confident they’re able to help. With both top-quality care and affordable repair services, circuit board repairs don’t have to be stressful or break the bank.

Real Repair Service

Many motherboard repair services are advertised as repairs, but are more often full replacements. However, while some damage may require a new board, not every repair does. At CPR Buford, we have the skillset to take a closer look at your damaged device to determine if simple fixes through micro soldering are enough to get you back up and running. Repair services rather than entire replacements can save lots of time spent on repairs and even cut back on prices, too.

6 Month Warranty on all Logic Board Repairs

At CPR Buford, we understand your smart devices are crucial to your daily routine. To help you rest assured your smartphone, computer, or tablet is always in the best care, all of our logic board repairs are backed by a six-month warranty. If our repair wasn’t up to our standards, we’d be happy to help make it right.

Motherboard Repairs in Buford

Learn more about motherboard repairs in CPR Buford, contact CPR Buford to speak with one of our tech experts.

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