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Best Free Apps for Summer Travel

Summertime is one of the most popular seasons for traveling. Whether you’re just crossing state lines or going on an international adventure, make sure you’re prepared with all the best apps to make the most of your trip. We’ve gathered a list of the best apps for summer travel to help you get started on planning your vacation.

8 Apps for Summer Travel—for Free!

These apps are all designed to help you make the most of your travels, but the best part is that they are all free for iOS and Android devices! Browse this list to see which apps you should download.

1. Mobile Passport

Are you planning on traveling internationally? Consider downloading Mobile Passport to make going through security a breeze. This app is officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and offered in several major airports. Users are required to create their profile with the information on their passport and fill out other general information. Once your profile is complete, you can skip the usual long lines and head to the Mobile Passport Control Lane for quick entry. It’s that simple! This app is not only a convenient place to keep your important documents, but it’s also a major time-saver, too.

2. LoungeBuddy

Have you ever looked longingly at the private airport lounges while you sit through a long layover in a crowded terminal? Say, “goodbye,” to unpleasant time spent waiting for flights with LoungeBuddy! Users browse photos and amenities of available private lounges to enter and choose the ones they like the most. Access to each lounge comes with a fee, but based on the nearly five-star review, users clearly think the access is worth it.

3. FlightAware

FlightAware is the world’s largest flight tracking data company. This app is especially handy because of its detailed and live flight information for flights across the globe. Never miss news about a delay or cancellation again! FlightAware is also handy for friends or family to see where your plane is in real-time. This app is sure to keep you up-to-date and on track for making your flights on time.

4. Sidekixtop apps for summer travel list

Sidekix takes exploring a new city up a notch with its locally curated suggestions for food, entertainment, and other hotspots near you. This app is designed to get you to your places of interest using the most entertaining routes, not just the fastest ones. Sidekix uses a map to show you the best way to walk around a city so that you’ll hit spots that locals have rated the highest, giving you the best tour guide in the palm of your hand! This app is perfect for those who prefer to adventure on foot and get a more up-close and personal feel of a new place.

5. Prey

Though losing belongings and theft aren’t usually on your list of travel expectations, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Prey uses anti-theft software to seamlessly track devices of every make and model. If you lose your phone, laptop, or tablet, Prey’s services can track down your missing device anywhere in the world. If that’s not enticing enough, the app can even take silent photos of whoever is in possession of your gadget, helping you provide helpful information to track down the culprit and get your belongings returned safely.

6. Google Translate

Google hit the mark with its translating app. With 103 languages for text translation and a whopping 52 languages for offline translation, you’re sure to be in good hands when traveling internationally. To help you navigate an unfamiliar place, Google Translate offers translation services through screenshots, text, spoken conversations, and even drawings. With Google’s expertise in your pocket, you’ll never have to worry about getting around a new place again!

7. OpenTable

Foodies unite! This app is perfect for finding last-minute places to eat on the go. Even better, users can reserve tables through the app and even earn back points through OpenTable for using their services. The app shows a list of restaurants in your area, making the decision of where to eat easier than ever. Users can coordinate plans with friends through OpenTable invitations and even search places to go by party size, cuisine, and more. This app will take your dining experiences to new heights!

8. Boomerang

Pictures of your vacation are always great, but Boomerang from Instagram changes the photo game. This app allows you to record small video clips on a loop that you can easily upload to your social media accounts in seconds. The videos are a fun alternative to an album of typical vacation shots, and are a sure way to spice up your social media accounts!

Now that you have a list of must-have apps for summer travel excursions, don’t forget to pack the most important thing—a working phone! Before you take off for your trip, visit the expert technicians at CPR for a quick tune up on your devices. Find a CPR Cell Phone Repair location near you, and get ready to enjoy your summer travels!

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