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The best Apple phone repair franchise

Apple phone repair franchiseApple’s brilliant iPhone and its latest avatar the iPhone 4S brings considerable computing power and communication convenience in the palms of the user. With the latest in iOS operating system, the iOS 5 and a host of other developments, the iPhone 4S is a sheer communication marvel. It is an understatement if someone says that the iPhone 4S is just a phone, with dual core A5 chip, iSight 8 megapixels camera, iOS 5 operating system, iCloud content sharing, the downloadable apps and above all Siri or the iPhone assistant, iPhone is everything you want on a handheld device and more. The iPhone 4S revolutionizes the way one communicates. Forget dialing numbers forget scourging the phonebook for looking up names and numbers just ask Siri. Set It to remind you of tasks, ask it to make calls and even send text messages, Siri can take care of your communication requirements.

However, even before we move any further patronizing the latest iPhone, we need to understand that at the end of the day it is just a device that is built of wafer thin glass and plastic components and encompasses several delicate electronic parts inside it. With a device as delicate in hand, you would always remain worried, what if it breaks. You could accidentally drop it on the sidewalk or even sit on it never realizing that it is below the daily paper. You could simply break it in half in an instant. What if anything happens to your iPhone? Will you be able to simply sit quietly having sent it to a Apple phone repair franchise centre?

CPR® understands this and that is why they created the continents best Apple phone repair franchise network. With more than 200 repair units, they are in a position to offer a comprehensive iPhone repair service to users across the continent.

CPR® is not about cell phone repair or iPhone repair. They also provide services towards repairing of GPS tracking systems, iPods, MP3 players, gaming consoles such as Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox and so on. One of the major reasons why CPR® has made a name as one of the best Apple phone repair franchise in the country is that they offer a comprehensive training and ongoing monitoring for the participating franchisees. One of the major factors that contribute towards the success of CPR®’ network of Apple phone repair franchise is that every member of the network are trained and groomed by a very efficient training program.



Josh Sevick is a business professional with over 15 years of experience in marketing, finance and strategic planning for both large companies and startup organizations. Josh brings a wealth of executive leadership skills and business experience to his role as CPR’s President. Prior to joining CPR, Josh was the Chief Operating Officer for a healthcare technology company that was voted best new technology at Health 2.0. While finance and analytics are the core of his background, Josh has directed major...

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