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Microsoft Tablet Repair

The Microsoft Surface is an incredibly convenient and portable device that tends to be at risk of damage from being dropped, stepped on, sat on, or crushed under heavy objects. At CPR, our expert technicians have seen nearly every type of Microsoft Surface damage, and, in almost all cases, they can make the necessary repairs to bring it back to life.

One of the most common Microsoft Surface repair requests is for a screen replacement. Because of this, we keep this part in stock at all times. This enables us to provide the quickest possible service – often in under 24 hours.

With fast turnaround and expert service, there is no better resource for Microsoft Surface repairs – especially when you consider that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our parts and service.

We encourage you to drop off your Microsoft Surface to one of our many stores located nationwide or use our mail-in service. There is no repair service that we’re afraid to tackle. And, if your device isn’t repairable, we’ll even offer you a cash or trade-in offer.