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7 Ways to Extend Smartphone Battery Life

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 09/18/2014

“I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!” – Scotty, Star Trek Of all electronic devices, the smartphone struggles the most with retaining battery life. In an age when your tablet or laptop can survive for 10+ hours on a single charge, it seems strange that the smartphone battery life falls short so quickly after being…

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5 Methods for Childproofing Your Electronics

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 09/03/2014
Child playing with a smartphone.

Children’s curiosities often lead them to dive headlong into purses and bags in search of the electronic devices they always see adults using. And when their sticky fingers grope keys and slide across screens, electronics become the fast casualties of curiosity. This can create huge issues for parents who need access for their jobs and…

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Tips for Computer Safety on Vacation

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 08/22/2014
Man practicing computer safety on a beach vacation.

  Computer safety is probably on your mind because you are about to embark on a week-long Caribbean cruise. Since you feel as if you can’t live without your laptop, cell phone, tablet and digital camera, these gadgets will be joining you on vacation. But all of that rough travel plus the exposure to the salty, harsh…

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PC Computers: Arguably the Best Gaming System

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 08/04/2014
PC's - The Best Gaming System

The throne for “best gaming system” has been grappled over for the past few decades, but one contender has remained king in terms of longevity and popularity: the PC. Before Halo, Call of Duty, BioShock, Tomb Raider, or Mario Kart; before Duke Nukem, Miss Pac Man, Mortal Kombat, or that one arcade racing game you…

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