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Franchising with CPR® Cell Phone Repair

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 07/17/2014
Franchise with CPR Cell Phone Repair

Franchising can be a great option for people who want to own their own business while also benefiting from the support and guidance of a corporate entity. A franchisor can provide both the structure and knowledge necessary to help franchisees find success with their new business. CPR® is the fastest growing cell phone and tech repair…

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Tech Accessories: Customizing Your Tablet

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 07/01/2014
Tablet accessories - customize your device.

In a previous blog, we discussed everything that goes into deciding which tablet to buy. The growing tablet market has thousands of options to choose from. But picking a tablet is only the beginning. Once you have chosen your tablet, it’s time to customize. Customizing is the fun part! Here are just a few of…

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Smartphones for Kids – How to Protect Them and Their Tech

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 06/20/2014
Smartphones for kids - girl with her iPhone.

We’ve all heard the phrase “having kids means you can’t have anything nice”, right? Maybe it’s not 100% true, but in some cases it does mean that the kids can’t have anything nice. Kids seem to have a propensity for dropping things, spilling on them and making a mess. So, what happens when your kid…

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Online Security: How to Keep Your Information Private

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 06/06/2014
Online security - Woman working on her laptop.

Nowadays, your online security may be at risk constantly. Hackers will attempt to break through security barriers to steal personal information and gain access to email, online banking and even social media sites. The latest Heartbleed scandal has illuminated loopholes that hackers can use to gain access, despite how secure a site claims to be….

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