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iPhone 6s – New and Improved

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 10/06/2015
iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 6s came as no surprise at Apple’s September event. The company has decided to follow their trend of giving the current iPhone model a bit of an upgrade without completely jumping to a new generation altogether. In addition to a few other product announcements like the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, the iPhone…

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Samsung Galaxy Edge Specs

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 09/24/2015
Woman checking out Samsung Galaxy Edge specs

The Samsung Galaxy Edge specs are quite impressive. In this objective review, we’ll take a look at every aspect of the highly-desired Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge, inside and out. The device has been on the market for a few months now, and it’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. But is this device right for you? Let’s…

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7 Must-Have Back to School Apps

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 09/08/2015
Back to school apps in action.

Back to school apps can set you up for a successful school year. With the advancement in technology, phones and tablets are used more in education than ever before. There are countless apps on the market, many of which are great for education. We’ve gone through and hand-picked a few of our favorite back to…

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The Great Debate: iPad or Surface

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 08/27/2015
iPad or Surface in action

When shopping for a new tablet, choosing between the iPad and the Surface has been the question for years. But how do they compare side by side? We’ve taken an in-depth look at the two to help you make your decision when it comes time to buy. For the sake of comparing similar products, let’s…

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iOS 9 Features You Will Love

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 08/13/2015
iPhone with iOS 9 features.

Apple recently posted the new iOS 9 features which is expected to launch publicly this fall. Currently, over 80% of current iPhone users have iOS 8 and Apple is expecting that most of them will make the upgrade to iOS 9. When you read about the iOS 9 features, you’ll understand why! Here’s a glimpse…

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Cell Phone Repair Myths Debunked

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 08/11/2015
cpr cell phone repair myths feature image

Think you know the truth about cell phone repair services? Think again! We hope to shed some light on a few of the Internet’s most common cell phone repair myths. Myth #1: Uncooked rice fixes water-damaged phones. Many blogs will tell you to submerge your water-damaged phone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice….

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Best Smartphone Apps on The Market

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 07/09/2015
People using the best smartphone apps on their phones.

Narrowing down to the best smartphone apps can be a challenge with all of the amazing technology on the market. Whether you’re a part-time gamer, a smartphone photographer, or a small business owner, there are numerous apps currently on the market that are perfect for you. Part-time Gamers: Clash of Clans. It’s no wonder why…

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Choosing Between a Laptop or Tablet

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 06/22/2015
Choosing between a laptop or tablet

Choosing between a laptop and a tablet can be a tough decision in today’s high-tech market. Over the past few years, tablets have advanced tremendously to the point of being a true contender against many laptop computers. But what sets the two devices apart? We’ve put together a list of a few issues to consider before purchasing…

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Deciding Between a New Mac or PC

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 06/13/2015
Deciding Between a New Mac or PC

Choosing between a Mac and a PC can be a tough choice when you’re in the market for a new computer. Before you even consider brands, you will want to know if you plan to purchase a desktop or laptop. Laptops are obviously more convenient for portability while desktops are often more powerful and flexible with…

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The History of Cell Phones

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 05/26/2015
Handheld device from the history of cell phones

  Over the past 30 years, technology has exceeded the expectations of many. It’s hard for younger generations to imagine a time when cell phones didn’t exist. Most households had a landline, some had a fax machine, and even fewer people used the internet on a daily basis. Communication has drastically adapted over time. Let’s take…

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Top 5 Smartphones on the Market

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 05/12/2015
Person using one of the top 5 smartphones

It’s incredible to think how far phone technology has come over the past 15 years. Futuristic technology that previously seemed impossible is now reasonably affordable and accessible for the average consumer. Research shows that roughly 64% of people in the U.S. have a smartphone. As that number continues to rise, we often hear the question, “what…

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What is Augmented Reality Technology?

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 04/27/2015
Augmented reality technology on device.

Isn’t technology fascinating? What was once science fiction is now readily available in the form of handheld devices and apps. When technology advances, developers continue to find ways to push the envelope and create new and exciting ways to use your smartphone. A notable advance we’ve seen, in recent history, is with augmented reality technology….

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