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Avoid the Need to Remove Bloatware

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 03/28/2015
Woman's hands on laptop working to remove bloatware.

Removing bloatware will help speed up your laptop computer. How? Simply put, it minimizes the number of programs running on top of one another as well as cutting down on the number of apps and systems you really don’t need. It’s like filtering out junk email from your inbox. Every day you might be inundated…

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The Apple Watch: The Wait is Over?

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 03/10/2015
Animated Apple watch surrounded by animate icons.

The anticipated Apple Watch will soon be upon us, at least according to the announcement that was made on September 9th of 2014. Apple has claimed that “early 2015” will mark the big debut of the smartwatch, as well as two other iterations (Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition). The information available so far…

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The New Nintendo 3DS XL Arrives This Month!

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 02/28/2015
Man playing on the new nintendo 3ds xl

It’s here just in time for Valentine’s Day – the new Nintendo 3DS XL! What better way to celebrate than with a new mobile gaming console for your sweetheart, special friend, or yourself? Forget that box of chocolates or bouquet of roses, and pick up the new Nintendo 3DS XL on the February 13th launch….

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How to Use a Laptop: Avoiding 5 Common User Errors

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 02/10/2015
Smiling man learning how to use a laptop.

The general principles behind how to use a laptop are not being taught to the younger generation. To a large degree this is based on young people’s constant exposure to electronic devices starting at an early age. However, certain basic guidelines for using a laptop are being dismissed or overshadowed by other principles. And for older…

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10 Tips to Enhance Your Computer Network Security

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 01/27/2015
Computer network security symbol.

Whether you own a small business or simply have a wireless home internet setup, your electronic devices participate in a computer network, which makes computer network security just as vital as personal computer safety. In fact, computer network security is essentially the front line of defense against cyber attacks that may compromise client or personal…

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The Real Life Applications of Gaming Technology

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 01/07/2015
Oculus Rift, originally a gaming technology at use in a hospital,

You’ve probably heard of FitBit and the technology that goes along with it to monitor your fitness and health throughout the day, but have you heard of the use of gaming technology in the health industry and beyond?   Gaming technology has been used for over 35 years in the military. For instance, the army…

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The New Horizon of Wearable Technology

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 12/28/2014
Wearable technology including watches.

Have you ever heard of “wearing your heart on your sleeve”? Well, now you can – sort of. Fitness trackers have become rather popular over the past two years. As a wearable technology, they allow a runner or athlete to measure things like distance, speed, calories burned, and even heart rate through biometric sensing –…

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The Cyber Security Challenge: Seeking New Defenses Against an Evolving Threat

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 12/09/2014
Laptop locked down against cyber security threats.

Ever wondered why the human immune system has not adjusted to and beaten the common cold or flu? The microscopic world of bacteria, viruses, and bugs is evolving just as quickly as our immune systems. In fact, it is the immune system that must keep pace with the evolving threat. The cyber security challenge facing…

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The Top 15 Apps for Androids!

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 11/27/2014
Person hold a phone using top android apps.

Apps for Androids – no, we aren’t talking about data for Data. When we say apps for Androids, we are talking about the top 10 applications for Android phone users. Bored on a lunch break? Need a study distraction? Hungry and don’t know which nearby restaurants might be tasty? Did your best friend just challenge…

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Pro Gaming: The Athletic Career of the New Generation

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 11/13/2014
Pro gaming on a laptop.

When you hear that a Chicago university student received a $15,000 athletic scholarship, you might immediately think he’s a football or basketball prodigy. Believe it or not, 20 year-old Youngbin Chung is actually a pro gaming athlete who participates in e-sports. The university spent money toward recruiting him (and 34 other pro gaming athletes) in…

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The New iPhone 6 Features!

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 10/29/2014
iPhone 6 features explained!

Have you heard? The new iPhone 6 was released on September 19th! You know what that means… New iPhone 6 features that make you wonder why you haven’t traded your old model in yet. But before you make that decision, let’s take a look at the iPhone 6 features that may – or may not…

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The Definitive 10 Best XBox 360 Games

Posted by: Josh Sevick On: 10/09/2014
Man playing one of the best Xbox 360 games.

Class has been back in session for almost two months; exams are approaching, and that means it’s time for some procrastination with the best XBox 360 games! With so many excellent games to choose from, there are many opinions out there. Our list of the best XBox 360 games has something for everyone, from RPG-lovers…

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