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Your mp3 player is a complicated device that requires expert troubleshooting when a problem arises. This is when it’s time to call the experts at CPR. Our team can expertly diagnose problems, make repairs, and then test to make sure everything is working properly so that you can feel confident that your mp3 repair is done right the first time.

Common problems include broken LCDs, faulty storage, and sound issues. We can tackle those quickly. And because we carry a wide variety of parts in stock, you can be assured that your mp3 repair will be made quickly – often on the spot.

If your device is beyond repair (and that rarely happens) we have options available including a cash or trade in offer.

Plus, our repair work is guaranteed for 6 months! There simply isn’t a better choice when it comes to mp3 repairs than CPR.

Bring in your device or use our mail-in service. The choice is yours.