Excellent Customer Service and Repair

I never give 5stars because you must have room for improvement. Right. However the CPR Store and personnel (called Mountain View and was directed to San Jose off Camden/Leigh* location *Not listed on website) do not need to make much if any improvements! I called late (less than 1.5hrs before closing) on a holiday weekend with a severely cracked screen on my Samsung Galaxy SIII. My son has special needs and he got hold of my phone and dropped it. We were leaving town and I needed to be able to have my phone. I was told to bring it in and having the part they could fix it by closing time. I rushed there in traffic. Now it was about 40mins till closing and they said they weren’t sure they could do it in such a short time but would try. Then it turned out my device needed a different part (on refurbished phones the screen is glued to the LCD). Knowing my predicament, they had the part for another repair in their cue and used that then stayed half an hour late to finish and return my, now with beautiful working screen, phone. Plus the cost was less than sending it off to the insurance through my provider for “possible” repair. YAY!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this FABULOUS Business that does quality work AND remembers what CUSTOMER SERVICE REALLY MEANS!! THANK YOU CPR!!! You Revived My SGS3 and Saved Me!!!!

on 06/04/2014 for Cell Phone Repair Mountain View

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