Why Choose CPR?

1) Most Repairs Done While You Wait

In today’s instantly gratifying world we all move quickly and we depend largely on technology in order to do so. Trouble is, when that technology malfunctions and breaks down, it can bring our world to a screeching halt.

Whether it’s your cell phone, smart phone, computer or tablet, you need it fixed—and fast. The good news is, at CPR Stores most repairs can be done while you wait!

All of our repairs are done in-house so there are no additional shipping fees or waiting time. Both gadget and data are back in your hand before you leave. How’s that for instant gratification?


2) One of the Best Damage Protection Plans in the Business

Not only are we one of the oldest and most trusted names in the walk-in cell phone repair industry, we also offer one of the best damage protection plans you can find: The CPR Shield.

At CPR, we believe that when you pay to have your gadget covered under a warranty for a certain period of time, that’s exactly what should happen – your gadget should be covered the entire time. What’s more, paying for your peace of mind should not weigh heavily on your bank account. Compare CPR Shield to other warranty plans.


3) We Share a Green Dream

In our world, which is also your world, we believe that helping the environment does not have to be a monumental undertaking. It can be done one cell phone or one computer at a time. The more gadgets that we can repurpose and keep out of landfills, the better we can all feel about making a difference—no matter how small. Read more about ourgreen initiatives including a partnership with Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.